Making Money with UC We-media program

Do you want to earn some extra money with just one or half hour work daily? Well, Today I am going to share you this amazing media platform called UC We-media platform. Currently this the best platform for Newbie or Pro-bloggers to earn some extra money with their posts. You will know how much it is easy to earn money in UC We-media platform.

What is UC We-media program?

UC We-media program is publisher platform for the UC News app, which is a small part of Alibaba Group. Alibaba group spend millions for this UC app and made it the most popular news app in India. UC news is currently in the top charts of the play store India and has more than 10 Million installs. You will deliver to millions of people without spending any penny for it.

Why UC We-media program is best?

If you are a blogger then you know how much time it requires to get users to your blog and get any advertising income from that user views. However, here at UC We-media platform, you get free audience base and a monetization program for your posts. I am hitting half million views in only a week.

You can write in any category of news with 20+ featured channels including news, cricket, technology, entertainment, movies, lifestyle, health, humour, etc. Users can follow your account to be notified every time you posts a new post. You can also make your audience here and divert it to your blog or website. However, you cannot put an external link into your post but you can mention your blog or website into your bio.

How to apply for UC We-media program?

Applying to UC we-media program is very easy just head over to this link ( They will ask you about your email address and password for the platform and then you have to verify your email address. Again, you have to fill up a form in which you have to fill your account name, account operator’s name, PAN card details and if you have a blog or website, you can add RSS feed. After filling up account information, your form will be submitted to them and they will verify and reply on your email about your account status. There are very fewer chances of disapproval of your application, just fill your form correctly and they will most probably approve your account for creating posts.

How to post content?

You can login to your account after being approved, start to publishing posts for UC News. To post any content click on the post tab, and then click on new post. Write a post and click to publish, your post will submit and it will go to the admin for the approval of the post. Every post is checked manually so plagiarism and sensitive content otherwise, your post can be suspended.

How to earn money?

You need to enable ad monetization in your account. There are two requirements to be fulfilled before you can enable monetization on your posts. Your account should be minimum 7 days old and your one post have to be more than 2000 views. After fulfilling these requirements, you can enable monetization from income tab.

After successfully enabling monetization you can view, your earnings in income tab. Everyday earnings are updated and it will show your income in reports tab.

How much can you earn?

You can easily earn up to $100 by publishing 3-4 posts daily. There is no minimum word limit so you do not have to write a longer post here. However, you need to follow their guidelines and rules for the posts. It is better if you look at their post guideline before start publishing content or your posts can be suspended. Still, UC We-media is the simplest way to earn money online.