The Pioneers Of Data Recovery 3 Decades Later

Established in 1985, Prosoft Engineering offers best-in-class software with outstanding service and support. In 2002 the company shifted focus to develop and offer its award-winning Data Rescue data recovery software as well as its other software utilities.

In 2009, the company expanded to offer physical data recovery services with the creation of The Data Rescue Center. Both Prosoft Engineering and The Data Rescue Center offer Hard Drive Recovery, though the methods used differ between the two companies, depending on whether the device has suffered from logical or physical data loss.

Prosoft Engineering

Prosoft Engineering primarily focuses on assisting in logical data loss scenarios through their Data Rescue software. One example of a logical data loss scenario would be if you are trying to Recover Deleted Files. Other cases of logical data loss include operating system failure, formatted or unmountable drives, corruption, and more.  

With a software tool like Data Rescue, recovery is performed by searching through the free and used space of your hard drive or storage device for known file patterns. Once the software has finished scanning your device, you will be presented with a file listing that allows you to preview files and make sure they are valid and recoverable with the software.

Data Rescue is easy to use and available for both Mac and Windows Data Recovery, making Prosoft Engineering’s software a great option for any user suffering from logical file recovery. However, if you have a device you know is physically damaged, or the software has reported a drive failure warning, you will want to contact The Data Rescue Center.

The Data Rescue Center

The Data Rescue Center is a hard drive recovery service provider that performs physical data recovery from damaged devices. For a rotational hard drive, clicking, grinding, buzzing or other sounds coming from the device are clear indicators of physical failure. Software like Data Rescue will also warn you of physical drive failure and recommend services at The Data Rescue Center.

Physical data recovery involves making repairs or replacing the damaged components of a drive in a cleanroom environment, after which a clone of the device is made to a healthy hard drive of the same capacity.  Professional software recovery tools are then used to extract the data and place it onto a healthy return media device. The data will never be placed back onto the original device, nor will the device be fully repaired for use. A drive that has failed is generally unreliable for future use, even following a successful repair and data extraction process.

The Data Rescue Center offers free evaluations and will provide you with a diagnosis and quote prior to your approval of the recovery, so you can evaluate the potential cost before continuing with service. They also offer a no-data-no-charge policy, meaning that if they are unable to recover the data for any reason after your approval, you will not be responsible for the quoted amount. This policy is included because there is no way to guarantee a successful recovery prior to making the attempt due to the nature of physical data recovery services.

It is important to perform physical data recovery services in a cleanroom environment to prevent damage to the data platters of the hard drive due to dust or other airborne contaminants. The Data Rescue Center performs all of their evaluations and recoveries in their Class 100 cleanroom. This ensures the safety of your important data throughout the physical recovery process.