MegaModzPlanet – Who are They

Gaming is the in thing these days and gaming cannot be complete without PS4 and Xbox. A gaming controller is more than just a way to play and win games. There is a good demand for modded controllers. There are several companies that have been involved in modded controllers. MegaModzPlanet is one such promising firm and that is precisely what we will cover in this article.

MegaModzPlanet – Buy Best Gaming Controllers
MegaModzPlanet is a firm, as you might have understood, is a firm that has been building modded controllers for Xbox and PlayStation. The company is involved in controllers in different designs. You can either go for a simple controller with a few features or opt for a full fledged gadget with advanced features.

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The company was founded in 2011. Managed by a team of experts in gaming, MegaModzPlanet has been a business powered by passion. Quality of the product and deep rooted customer satisfaction are the basic features that make it one of the prime choices for customised mods.

How Does It Work?
MegaModz has succeeded in what they do simply because of their deep knowledge and passion they have for the gaming. Customer satisfaction and trust are what they believe the most.

Each of the controllers they come up with has been 100 percent authenticated by Microsoft and Sony (as the case may be). You can keep getting support even after purchasing the controller.

The key areas that MegaModzPlanet works are modding the controller performance and customizing the appearance. The improved controller performance is achieved through installing a modchip. The modchip lets you add up additional functions to a character in the game.

When it comes to customizing, MegaModzPlanet excels with its Custom Controller concept. You would be able to build a controller of your dream controller right from the scratch. You begin by choosing a platform of your choice, then go on adding the custom options for d-pad, buttons, and other additions. What makes it an excellent option is the fact that you will get to know how will your controller look even before it is made. You can even build a controller without any modification as well if you are not willing to go for modding. MegaModzPlanet offers you custom skins, colors, paddles so that you will get a custom built gadget.

Performance improvements on the custom controllers for use with Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. You can choose any sort of customization for performance improvement of your games and characters therein. Some of the games compatible with customised performance improvements include Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, COD4 Modern Warfare, Battlefield 1, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Destiny, and Halo 5 The Guardians. The controllers are completely compatible with Microsoft and Sony and stay undetected. This will ensure that your characters to a new performance level.

The Final Words
Customization is what enthuses gamers and that is precisely what MegaModzPlanet excels in. High-end customer care and after sales service that the company offers you is what makes it a great destination for customised gaming controllers. Go for it and get higher degree of customisation both in looks and performance thanks to the unique concept employed by MegaModzPlanet.

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