How to Minimise the Accumulation of Soot in Your Kitchen?


Ideally, according to experts fireplaces and chimneys in a house should be cleaned when one notices around 1/8” of soot. But for that, the most crucial thing is to take a regular note of the condition of the fireplace and the chimney. Most of the time the homeowners tend to forget or ignore the importance of regularly inspecting the chimney for soot accumulation. There comes the importance of calling the experts.

Why are chimney sweeps important?

Even if you remember to inspect and clean the chimneys, you may not have the time and the energy for it. That is the reason you should keep the contact numbers of chimney sweep Hildenborough services. A chimney sweep service provider will send experts who could analyze and inspect the fireplace and undertake the necessary maintenance and the repairs. If chimneys and fireplaces are not regularly maintained, it could lead to accidental fire hazards.

A few words about chimney inspection and cleaning…

It is recommended that fireplaces, chimneys, and other ventilation systems should be cleaned at least once in a year. This would prevent unwanted noises, non-functionality of the chimney, and fire hazards. Remember, even if you have not used the chimney whole of the summer months, there could be animals like racoons, bats, and birds that could have made their nests in your chimney. Thus, to make the chimney safe and secured, unwanted debris including nests should be cleared.

An expert chimney sweep Hildenborough will make sure that most of the accumulated soot and creosote will be removed. Different areas of the chimney including the damper and the firebox will be cleaned and checked for faults. Thus, after the servicing is done, you will be able to operate the chimney without any hassle.

When should you call the chimney sweep experts?

It is advisable that occasional cleaning of the chimneys is required for optimum functioning. That is the reason you should call the chimney sweep Hiildenborough experts at least once in a year. However, if you notice accumulation of huge amount of soot, you must make it a point to call the experts immediately. In case the chimney had not been used for a few months during the summers, it should be thoroughly cleaned and checked before lighting up.

Do you really need a chimney service?

If you want the chimney to operate safely, it is crucial that you opt for regular chimney service. It is also important that you take the help of experts for cleaning and maintenance of the fireplace. By opting for regular repairing and maintenance you will not just be ensuring the safety of your loved ones, but also of your house and property. A potential chimney fire is often caused by small glazing creosote or a spark. Not just damages to the chimney and health of the inhabitants, regular maintenance and cleaning of the chimney can even affect the overall performance of the chimney and the fireplace.

Scheduling chimney and fireplace inspection

Regular inspection and maintenance of the fireplace and the venting systems of your home can definitely help to reduce the accumulation of soot in the kitchen as well as in the house. Given below are some of the signs and situations when you definitely need to schedule a chimney repair and maintenance by chimney sweep Hiildenborough experts:

  • If it’s been more than a year that you have actually cleaned your chimney and the fireplace, it’s high time you schedule an inspection and maintenance service.

  • If you are noticing soot and smoke in your interiors whenever the fireplace is lit, be sure there is soot accumulation or some kind of obstructions that need to be cleared.

  • If you notice inefficient performance of the chimney, you must be alert about calling the experts for maintenance and servicing of the fireplace. There may be weird sounds coming from the fireplace when the fire is lit or even there could be issues with the lighting up of the fireplace.

Do not ignore the importance of calling the experts immediately as you notice big problems of small issues with the venting systems of your house. Otherwise, it may lead to costly repairs. Don’t assume that as you do not use the chimney much, it does not need regular maintenance.