Mobile Fantasies: No Longer Just for Consoles, Final Fantasy Goes Mobile

While it has not yet reached the saturation levels of “Final Fantasy VII,” “Final Fantasy XV” has been one of SquareEnix’s most prolific instalments of the Final Fantasy franchise. “Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire” is one more spin-off, a mobile MMO, and has players building their own kingdom within the world of Eos. Fortunately for players, Noctis, Cindy and all of Noctis’ other contacts will assist you in climbing the ranks toward domination.

The Foundation of an Empire

After signing up for the game, players are randomly given a Realm to call their own. This Realm is effectively a server, allowing players to create or gain membership within a guild, make comrades in conquest, engage in player-versus-player gameplay and, foremost of all, being able to hold dominion within the world of Final Fantasy XV.

Fortunately, new players are not thrown to the wolves and forced to figure out how to make everything work on their own. Prince Noctis will serve as an advisor to players, informing them of each element of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. The very first thing players are taught about is constructing buildings, followed by learning how to devote research toward new types of units, defenses, powers for “Hero units” and even the best ways to manage resources.

Noctis Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk

While Noctis will offer plenty of advice to the players who seek his council, he also serves as the first Hero unit players can send out on raids. Hero units serve as army leaders on the field of battle; these are the characters that players rely upon to smite Fiends and lead marches against rival Empires.

Much like in standard RPGs, Heros level up through experience points and gain Ascension Points to distribute among their various skills in a manner very similar to Final Fantasy XV’s AP system. Lastly, Heroes can also be given various Equipment won through either in-game rewards or from crafting them within your Empire. Depending on the particular piece of equipment, a Hero can be stronger, hardier or both. The more you use a particular Hero, the more powerful they become; the more powerful your Hero, the greater rewards you can strive for by tackling enemy Empires.

Desperation Breeds Survival

Whether you are discussing the long-gone empires of the real world’s past or ones built around the effects of a magical crystal, no empire was built out of thin air. Every Empire runs on resources, of which there are five:

  1. Energy determines how much power is being generated within your Empire.
  2. Food is necessary to keep your citizens and Troops operational.
  3. Gil is used to pay for goods, services and upkeep.
  4. Metal is used to upgrade Buildings and Troops.
  5. Stone is used to construct Buildings.

Resources can be acquired from completing quests, from the work of non-combat units set to work harvesting them and even from spending Gold. Gold is an optional resource that can be used as a substitute for other resources needed for a particular project. Additionally, Gold can be used to fast-track the time needed to complete a project. Gold is acquired by spending real money at the in-game store and is frequently discounted when purchased in large quantities.

Why Use the Power of Kings When You Have Imperial Might?

Whether you fashion yourself as a master tactician, want to try planning an empire or maybe you are just a fan of anything related to Final Fantasy XV, why not play the Final Fantasy mobile game?