Why your brick and mortar store needs a mobile strategy?

mobile strategy for brick and mortar store

It’s been years that the online market started influencing buyers and their purchasing decisions globally. I won’t say that having a physical store isn’t important but would say that the online store indeed has become a crucial part.

In a recently unveiled report, it was shared that around 53% of internet users globally have made an online purchase in the preceding year.

However, the figures above talk about the online purchase which includes desktop, laptop, smartphones applications, etc. so you might have the question;

Why a mobile strategy, if online presence can work?

If we look back in 2014, the mobile e-commerce market bagged 17.1% of the online market, in comparison to 82.9% of online revenue that was coming through desktops. However, two years later in 2016, the same grew and touched the mark of 25.2% and 74.8% respectively.

The growth might not be drastic but it was enough to grab the eyeballs of the mobile app developers and retailers globally.


The three letter word has been one of the most problematic hurdles for the entrepreneurs globally. Well if you need some source to prove this, try asking the entrepreneur standing in front of the mirror (Yes you).

To get over this hurdle, all you need to remember is the 5 ‘E’ benefits that a good mobile strategy can give to your store.


Here are the 5 ‘E’ Benefits:

1. Expand

With you adopting a mobile strategy for your physical store, you can avail a splendid opportunity to expand your business. A viable mobile strategy will take you beyond the geographic borders, and will reach the masses in a more efficient and personalized manner.

2. Enrich

Now when we say in a personalized manner, this directly intend to indicate the enriched interaction with your potential buyers. By adopting a good mobility strategy for brick and mortar store, you can focus on your target audience with what they might wish to have with the help of analytics collected.

This will undoubtedly enrich your interaction with people and subsequently will gain their trust.

3. Enhance

The trust that you gained will indeed adorn your business with more leads and output, but did you know that the same can also enhance your productivity? Interacting more with the customers and getting to know their likes and dislikes and subsequently can make a better decision in context to the way you approach them.

Thus, you can say that a good mobile strategy can undoubtedly help you enhance your store’s productivity.

4. Enchant

So now you know your customers and have a good grip over their preferences. With this entire analytics, you can enchant your customers with a better experience. With the help of cross-channel connection, you can provide them seamless experience. The same can further help you gain better response and consequently a better space in this competitive retail market.

5. Entity

‘Everything is an image, the image is everything’, this no doubts is the right-hand thumb rule if you wish to survive in the hearts of your customers. By providing your customers seamless shopping experience through an interactive approach, you can present your business as a distinct entity, which is focused on delivering better and personalized service to its customers.Well, now that you have joined us till here, allow me to treat you with an additional benefit. The ‘Sixth E’. That’s;

6. Etc.

Ok, well our list didn’t end, but to create the proper sync with our remaining five benefits, here is our sixth benefit. With all the above-mentioned benefits undoubtedly your business will get an impeccable growth rate that will help you reap your set targets efficiently.


Opting mobile strategy for the growth of the business is no longer just a repo-builder, but has become a need to survive in the long run. The traditional methodologies for brick and mortar businesses have been surpassed by the innovate mobile solutions. As an entrepreneur, it has become a crucial step for your to take and a vital ingredient for the growth of your business.