How to Monitor Children with your Phone

In this busy world when usually both father and mother are working professionals, managing the child effectively is a big challenge. You will be busy with your office work and so you will hardly get some time to manage your child.

Although you can keep a caretaker for them but ultimately no one can fill the gap of a parent. But with this kind of problems, there is a hope and that is a mobile phone. Using your mobile phone, you can monitor your child effectively being at the remote.

And when I say monitoring your kids that means the activity that they make online as well as reminding them to perform a certain task. You can keep reminding them to complete their daily work, homework etc. just by using your phone.

And to monitor using phone remotely we are going to use a leading parental control software called Hoverwatch. Let’s start and see the different methods using which you can easily monitor your kids using a smartphone.

Get details about live location

Here we will use the Hoverwatch mobile tracker to keep track on the live location of the kids. You need to install the Hoverwatch app on your child’s phone and you will keep getting the real-time location of them. By this way being at the remote also, you can easily get the details at each moment. This app works on the GPS feature and using the GPS mechanism you will get the live notification on your Hoverwatch dashboard.

Who they talk and what they talk

Hoverwatch also comes with the call recorder software which will record the calls made by the destination device. Here the destination device is your kid’s phone. Now you won’t only get the call recording but also whom they called, duration of the call and several other details. You can also check whom they call frequently and for this, you need to try the app Hoverwatch.

Monitor Social Media Accounts

Social media are one of the important places which being a parent you should monitor. You should check whom your kids are following, taking, messaging, and what they are sharing. Social accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter are full of good and bad things and you need to ensure that your kid is not in touch with something wrong or suspicious.

Alert for the tasks

Another important thing is usually teens don’t complete homework. And you will be at work and so managing the dedicated time for the same is tough. And so, you can create meeting kind of alerts on your kid’s phone and use the screen recorder, you can track those. Using Hoverwatch’s ToDoList feature this work is very easy and being on your dashboard you can easily schedule and track.

Screenshot and recording

If you want to know what exactly your children are doing at one point in time, you may go for screenshot at that time. Also, you can even opt for the video. So, depending on what you need and what you want to monitor, you can select any of these. The Hoverwatch app will start recording and taking a screenshot at that time and will upload to the server so that you can check from your dashboard. If that time internet is not available, then it will be uploaded as soon as the connection is made but the screenshot will be taken at the scheduled time only.


These were some of the ways using which you can keep a track of your kids just using the smartphone being remote easily. This is cost effective and you won’t have to worry what your kids are doing in your absence.

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