New Ways to Get Around the Fort

Fort Bonifacio is one of the booming places in the Metro known for its stunning skyscrapers, flourishing business centers, fun attractions, high-end shopping malls, sumptuous dining places, and night time bars that are found in the area. In addition, there are a number of condos for sale in The Fort that are developed around the place, which is also one of its distinguished landmarks.

People who are frequent in the Fort may have mastered the place and the ways to get into the city. But for some, the struggle of getting there may be floundering. Here is a list of the easiest and hassle-free ways of getting in the city that will help you experience the Fort at its best.

BGC Bus Terminal

This is the easiest way to go to the Fort since this bus routes will take you directly to BGC. The BGC Bus Terminal is located near the MRT Ayala Station in Makati. The bus terminal is also a walk from Greenbelt 5. Upon reaching the bus terminal, you will have to purchase a tap card to obtain a ride into the bus.

Each bus has its certain route; the Central Route, West Route, East Route, North Route, and the Arca South Route. Before boarding the bus, make sure you ride the right bus route that will take you to your exact destination in BGC. You can always ask directions from the ticketing staff for your chosen end point.

Moreover, BGC Bus rides have their specific schedules of their trips. Identify each schedules and be sure to make it there on time to avoid waiting for the next bus ride.

Jeepney Ride

The cheapest ride to take if you want to reach the Fort is commuting by means of a jeepney trip. There are a number of jeepneys that travels to BGC on a daily basis. You can locate these jeepneys under the MRT Ayala Station that is directly bound to Market! Market!

Taxi / Grab / Uber

If you want to reach the Fort “hassle-free-slash-haggard-free”, this is the ride you should be taking. You may have some trouble getting a taxi ride going to the Fort, that is why Grab and Uber were created.

A little reminder: trips made using Grab or Uber may have a certain price surge depending on how far is the location of your destination from your pick-up point. Make sure are ready to pay the price that your driver may charge you if you experience this. Time may also be a major factor of the trip’s price increase, so make sure you avoid booking a ride during the rush hours of the day.

This specific mode of transportation may be a little too pricey, but at least you’ll not be looking all worn-down when you arrive BGC.


This is the most convenient transportation mode anyone can have when travelling to the Fort. You don’t have to wait for the bus schedule or fall in line to jeepney rides. You can go to BGC whenever time you want and you don’t have to worry about price surges and rush hours!

However, be sure you have your car filled up with enough gas when travelling there. If you’re coming from the North, its best you load your car full tank before journeying.

There are a lot of possible ways to visit the Fort and experience its elegance and beauty. It offers a lot of places that everyone can enjoy and explore; from shopping malls, attractions, dining and night life places, to business centers. The area is also best explored by walking since most of the space in BGC are parks. Lastly, the place is best experienced with family and friends as the place is packed with places, activities and attractions that is far more enjoyed with loved ones.