Nokia 3310 (2017) launch date and expected price in Pakistan

The news goes viral, the last month, when HMD Global announced that they are planning to relaunch NOKIA’s old models with new style and enhanced technology. In these old models, the super hit device of Nokia, NOKIA 3310 gets the attention of old Nokia fans and they all were hoping the new Nokia 3310 with latest android support. Many websites start selling their own design ideas and expected features of 3310 android version because all mobile geeks believe that every business should adopt the android OS, but all goes wrong when HMD Global officially announced the Nokia 3310 at MWC as a bar (feature) phone having keypad and java OS rather than Android one.

Nokia 3310 Android Version Concept

Concept provided for Nokia 3310 Android Version

But Nokia fans are still happy that they can get their old love Nokia 3310 again with improved technology and dual SIM functionality. Feature phones still have good market in Asia especially in India and Pakistan, and when we are talking about Pakistan, Nokia is struggling even with its few available feature phones like Nokia 230, Nokia 216, Nokia 105 and some more due to available of Chinese made feature mobiles like QMobile, Voice Mobiles and RIVO Mobiles. But relaunching of Nokia 3310 will give a new boost to the Finish Company which lost its market shares all over the world. Now people of Pakistan are excited for the upcoming model of Nokia and they are ready to grab the phone as soon as it is available in the market.

Now, the good news is that HMD’s head of marketing Mr. Tomislav Himbele has announced their future plans and expected launch of old Nokia models. In an interview he tells that they are going to launch Nokia 3310 in Eastern European market during mid of May to start of June and its price may vary for different countries. This change will be due to different Value added tax in different European countries, for example in Hungry VAT value is about 2% while in Germany VAT is about 19% so price will be different for both countries.

HMD’s head of marketing further said that Nokia 3310 (2017) will be available from retailers as well as carriers, also he said that they are planning to bring back Nokia to its original status when Nokia had the highest market share all around the world, he said that we will bring Nokia to top 3 mobile brands and it will have the equal share to Apple, Samsung and Huawei.

Though he did’t announced the arrival of the mobile’s king to Asia, but we can expect that Nokia 3310 (2017) will be available in Asia at the end of June or start of July. The expected price will be around 4800-/ PKR or 3000-/ INR. But this is only the expected price, exact Nokia 3310 price in Pakistan will be announced as soon as it is available for Asian market.

You can watch the complete interview of HMD’s head of marketing Mr. Tomislav Himbele in the video below which is in Croatian. Subtitles will be available soon on Youtube.

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