Oakfire is a supplier of high quality firewood, mulch and stable sawdust in Western Australia. They deliver the wood at your door steps without charging anything extra for delivery services provided by them. Oakfire is contracted to forest products commission for supplying high quality firewood logs which are sourced from regrowth areas. These woods are purchased from new forests and large trucks and machinery is used for managing efficient and safe handling of wood that makes their prices cheap and competitive.

To keep the forest safe they pay royalties and in-forest cost to forest products commission. The cost goes towards forest management which in turn ensures that forest products are renewable and sustainable. They offer CHEAP MULCH in PERTH that is produced from clean forest waste. No dyes are used and mulch is hundred percent organic that is naturally composed and matured over 3 to 4 years. They offer pay on delivery option and MULCH DELIVERY PERTH is free of cost.

Oakfire supplies best commercial mulch Perth-wide. The product is ideal for water conservation in gardens and its helps top layer of the soil from drying and reduces watering requirement by sixty percent. Mulch keeps the temperature constant and maximises nutrient content in the soil that helps in catalysing the growth of the plant and prevents the weeds to grow. They supply a choice of composed jungle mulch or rich dark garden mulch. They have superior choices for all of your mulch needs. Their prices remain remarkably competitive and they bring in high quality mulch directly to your doorstep without any mediator.
The other products that are delivered by them is firewood and sawdust and they take orders in regards to yard pickup as well. The range of services and products and the cost at which they offer them all distinguish them from the rest of the firewood companies in market.