Portable Staging Platform For Your Wedding

Nature is the best inspiration for your wedding. Let the five most important stages of your event filled with the freshness of flowers and foliage in a variety of styles.

  1. The Altar Platform

If you have to choose a place to look to the maximum with a setting inspired by nature choose the platform. Whether you marry in a temple or on the seashore, this space is ideal for skirting flowers in a pergola or placing cool decorations in the shabby chic style.

  1. The Table Of Honour

The second place to fill with freshness to the natural is the table of honour or table of the bride and groom. Here you can choose a decoration saturated with flowers, to give a sumptuous and elegant air, or simply to decorate to express a more relaxed atmosphere.

  1. Entrance To Reception

All your guests will see the entrance to the front desk, lúcete with spectacular arrangements worthy of taking a photo. Tip: The decoration of this point will define the entire arrangement of interiors, accents and centrepieces.

  1. The Strips And Special Accesses

The places where people go, the doors that lead to special sites of the reception are also an opportunity to settle with elements of nature. When organizing your wedding, visit the reception desk several times, preferably with your florist, to define where it is worth to take care of the decoration.

Accents are the corners that will make your wedding a unique event. Maybe it’s a small space in the garden or a huge lobby. Here the key is to make your wedding stand out for something that others have not.

Do You Want More Inspiration?

Keys to Choosing Your Wedding Venue

The location of your wedding is the stage where your dream of love comes true.So choosing that wonderful place is one of the most important decisions that as a couple will have to take during the process of organizing the big day.

Definitely, the place should love you, print beauty to your wedding and provide warmth to your guests. Inspire yourself in the following recommendations.

  1. The Perfect Place To Have Fun

Having a clear idea of ​​the number of guests is key to the choice, as it determines the perfect space that is comfortable enough for your guests to enjoy and have fun at every moment of the wedding.

Also, having this list, even if it is not the definitive one, can favour your budget, since when you quote from salon providers, they suggest the space, taking into account the number of people attending the event, avoiding renting a place at a higher cost High you really need.

  1. A Space For Every Moment

Before choosing, check that there are spaces for all the activities and details that you have planned for your wedding: the signature of your guests, dinner, cocktails, the table of sweets, the dance floor, the photo booth and of course, The areas to get around, are basic! You can also consider parking or facilities to get to the wedding venue.

  1. The outdoor environment

There are seasons in the year that are ideal for an outdoor wedding. If this idea enchants you, consider taking advantage of the natural setting to set the wedding, try to choose a season where the rains are scarce. The lighting, the arrangement of the stage, the floral decoration, the colors, the details, each element is important, and together they are able to create the perfect atmosphere for romance and fun.

  1. Sun, sand and sea + Extra work?

The beach is one of the greatest chosen settings for the wedding for your wedding; its incredible landscape is capable of letting go of the imagination to create multiple ideas in the decoration of the place. If something like this is what you have in mind, the recommendation is to value the facilities offered by the place or, failing that, what much work you will have to do when hiring the services of assembly, banquet, lighting, drinks, etc. separately.

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