Portland SEO Services Can Help Local and National Search of Google

Portland SEO Services

Google always tries to provide customized or personalized search results to the users and the best way is by determining the location and intent of the searcher. The search engine tries to deliver appropriate results based on two different types are local and national search. If you are residing in Portland and want to know about SEO companies, then Google will provide you results of various SEO companies present in and around your location. For generic queries, the results provided by Google are based on national level.

Read on to know how Google search layout to implement query and the different types of searches.

Local search

It occurs when the user wants to find something specific and in a certain area. Google has flagged some phrases and keywords with this intent. For instance, the word “Pizza” is flagged as a local keyword and will always provide results, with respect to the location of the user. There are many Portland SEO services present, which can help in incorporating these locations in your website.

National Search

Many times people do not want any specified results or need information that is related to their present location. In such cases, Google provides national search results that are same throughout the country. For instance, if you are searching for information on how to make a pizza, then results from the entire country might pop in front of your search results.

Reason why Google differentiate between local and national search

Google wants that its users receive the most relevant results and it senses if any user wants to results close to his or her location. This is done by incorporating the location of the user. This method is applied by Google for the betterment of user. Imagine if you want information about a good restaurant and the search comes from all across the nation. In this situation, users will have to dig in through search results in order to find a good restaurant near them.

Keep this difference in mind before writing any content in your website. If you want to attract potential customers, keep in mind of providing your correct address and location within the website, so that Google can pick you while preparing search results. You can even employ good SEO services in Portland or elsewhere to incorporate basic SEO elements on your website.

Examples that trigger local results

  • Use keywords with modifiers like near me. Example: “restaurants near me”

  • Use specific location in the keywords. Example: “Pizza Portland”

  • Imply local business in the keywords. Example: Shoe store”

Other factors that have an impact on Google Search

Location is not the only thing that Google uses while preparing search results based on the query provided by the user. It incorporates various data from other sources to personalize the results as per the user. For instance, if the user is searching for “Shopping”, then information about sales, various stores and others will be displayed in the search results.

The success of your company is indirectly related to the fact how accessible is your web page and the best method to do that is implementing SEO. You can hire SEO services in Portland and elsewhere to do this job for you, as they are more experienced in this field.