Prefer Huawei Esight For Improved Network Security

Huawei eSight is the unified software that suits for different applications takes place on complex enterprise ICT infrastructure. Huawei eSight enables the following process Planning, operating. Maintaining complex enterprise ICT infrastructure

In general, eSight offers innovative options that bring ultimate comfort; more importantly Huawei eSight provide an open and flexible platform that highly supports infrastructure from the third-party providers. Overall, these options also make it easy to develop advanced custom management applications.

The Huawei eSight also improves the O&M efficiency from planning and design. At the same time this will reduces costs by ensuring responsive.

 Unique Features Of Huawei Esight:

 In general, the NMS (End-to-end Network Management System) help educational institutions, government agencies and modern enterprise to experience smooth operation.

  • Huawei eSightprovids instant insights
  • Automated alerts,
  • Specialized online diagnostics
  • Guides every user through workflows optimized
  • One -click fault resolution
  • Error-free operation

The eSight NMS leverages supports for carrier-grade telecommunications systems at the same time this will brings great security, world-class network performance as well as improved ROI to the enterprise.

Huawei eSight Storage Manager has become the popular option among the enterprises it is the great storage resource management software which is mainly designed for centralized O& M of the storage device. This option works well in enterprise data centers.

 More importantly, this software implements unified management of different storage devices, in addition to this, it offers different possible benefits. Combined with the eSight service managers and network enabling server-based applications obviously the process also based on the read/write bandwidth even it is also related to the IOPS performance.

Here are some more detailed information from Huawei  eSighttech manual.


In general Huawei, eSight software brings the following benefits.

  • Graphically shows the faults generated on power modules, disks, fan modules, ports, LUNs, etc
  • Improves the efficiency of the storage resource
  • Simplifies device management
  • End-to-end storage path analysis
  • Single point of failure can be located quickly

 Powerful network traffic analytics tool for use in monitoring and managing bandwidth in large and super-large ICT networks.

Huawei Esight Network Traffic Analyzer:

 In general, the eSight’s Network Traffic Analyzer allows you to experience the benefits associated with the real-time data for planning as well as supports for managing resilient access that help for enterprise IT applications.

 Moreover, the flexible graphical interface allows you to view network status through this you can easily understand the traffic statistics. Apparently, analytics are customized in different dimensions including session, application, host, as well as DSCP traffic.  Typically, traffic is always analyzed based on some factors like port number and protocol. Additionally, provides great options for analyzing traffic statistics by application group, application, IP address, etc. ESight Network Traffic Analyzer filters traffic information by the time frame that allows you to get complete information about the original traffic, apart from that you will get statistical reports for the device, port, session, interface, host, etc.

These features make Huawei eSight as the best choice for medium and large networks. The Huawei eSight always supports to maintain secured Network.

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