Price Check: Should We Go For A Toyota Wigo?

In today’s time, traffic is a common occurrence – especially here in the Philippines where road and city planning is not up to par with other countries. Then, what could be a great solution in maneuvering around the traffic while staying comfortable and efficient? Using a mini hatchback would be on of the greatest answers you could try! Why? Because these hatchback variants are small in size but big in the whole fuel economy aspect. One of the newly-introduced mini hatchbacks in our country is the Toyota Wigo. Immediately after its release, it became one of the most well-known mini hatchbacks in the country. It also became one of the go-to vehicles for the working class man because of the price of the Toyota Wigo, which is Toyota’s cheapest car that’s available in the Philippine market!

Here’s something that can help you decide if the Toyota Wigo is the car for you!

Toyota Wigo

Toyota’s cheapest car in the market, the Wigo is definitely a top competitor in the mini hatchback industry. If you think about it, a cheap car that has the Toyota insignia is already a great value vehicle! You’ll have the reliability and assured quality that Toyota offers, and you’ll get the vehicle for a cheap price!

For the Toyota Wigo, the number one thing that it offers into the market is its accessibility. With its cheap price, the Wigo is the most affordable car that Toyota offers, which makes it marketable to the masses. If you’re the type that just want a car that can take you from point A to point B, then maybe the Toyota Wigo is for you! Also, Toyota’s mindset while creating the Wigo is: less is more. Because, essentially, mini hatchbacks are made for efficiency and relaxation, which is what the Toyota Wigo offers with its 1.0 liter 3-cylinder DOHC engine and small interior. If fuel economy is the topic that’s being talked about, then the Toyota Wigo has something to say. Its fuel economy is usually 12-13 kilometers per liter in the city traffic, and 19-20 kilometers per liter in the highway.

Always remember that the Wigo is part of the mini hatchback category, which are essentially very small cars. With its size, maneuvering around the traffic can be done without difficulty, and turning and handling will also be considerably easier! Surprisingly, the Toyota Wigo also offers sufficient legroom in the backseat and ample space in the trunk. Here in the Philippines, you can expect that traffic will happen each and every day, which is why mini hatchbacks are the new sedans because of the comfortability and maneuverability that they bring to the whole car scene in the country.  For the Toyota Wigo, it has both a stylish front and elegant backside which will be noticeable even in the worst traffic situations. It’s basically a cheap but stylish way to get to your destination.

Although the Toyota Wigo is not the only mini hatchback in the market, it’s certainly in the top rankings. With the reliability and quality that Toyota always gives their customers, the Toyota Wigo is sure to be no exception to the years that Toyota staked its reputation to bring out new vehicles in the market. So, if you’re the type of person that wants a cheap but quality assured vehicle that can take you from point A to point B, C, D, E, etc. then maybe, the Toyota Wigo is the car for you!


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