How to Recover Deleted Messages on Your Android Device

Most of us delete messages from our smart phones once after reading it which is not a good idea at all. Sometimes, those deleted messages are important, and we need to see them again. It is easy for Window phones user to recover it. If you have a Window phone and want to recover your text messages then just go to Deleted item folder and restore them.

But restoring deleted SMS is very difficult if you are using another OS system like Android, Black Berry, and iOS.

Today, I’m going to show you that how you can recover deleted text messages on your Android device. I love Android just because it is too much customizable.

Recover Deleted Messages on Android:

Sometimes we delete text messages from our Android smartphone accidentally. But you may don’t know before that these text messages are not lost permanently. Still, there is a chance to recover them using some easy steps. Follow those steps below and recover your lost text message right now.

  1. Download “SMS Backup & Restore” for an Android device.
  2. Now open the app and click on the backup button.
  3. A new menu will appear now: “Backup, Restore, View and Search”. Just click the one you are looking for. If you want to restore the deleted messages then choose the Restore option. If you want to back the data from future then select Back up and tap OK.
  4. Now you will see a new list appearing. Just tap the backup button from that list.

The program enables you to replicate any text messages that you choose within an XML file, which you may see on a PC/laptop. Is it not easy? The application supports only text messages; it does not encourage multimedia (MMS) messages.

That’s it, But to avoid this strange thing in the future. Keep creating the backup of your data on daily basis. SMS Backup & Restore app is the one stop solution for all of your problems.

There are many alternative methods available to restore your lost text messages but they all are not reliable. Like you can use the FonePaw Android Data Recovery app to recover your message but you need to connect your smartphone with PC for that. Anyhow if you are facing troubles while using the SMS Backup & Restore app then follow the below steps.

  1. Download/install the FonePaw Android Data Recovery app and connect your Android with PC.
  2. Now turn ON the USB debugging on your Android device from the settings page.
  3. Select the messages you want to recover from the FonePaw app screen on your PC. That’s it!

I’m personally using SMS Backup & Restore app from a long ago and it’s just awesome. There is a bunch of more apps that help of recovering your lost messages. App Backup 38 Restore and show delete messages are one of the few apps that you can use as the best alternative to SMS Backup & Restore app.