Samsung Galaxy S9 whats new feature we expected ?

Samsung is the top company to be manufacturing top end flagship devices in the world. Samsung has two series in its top of the line handsets, one being the S-series while another being the Note-series. They follow a twice a year launch scheme with its handsets. The S-series device is typically launched in 1st Quarter of the year, while Note-series launches in the 3rd Quarter. This time the Samsung Galaxy S9 is said to be launched much earlier than expected maybe in January.

Comparison Between Note-Lineup and S-Lineup

S-series devices from Samsung have always being targeted towards excellence with perks for users who want to flaunt their device, and have normal day to day tasks with the handset. The Note-series device, on the other hand, is always targeted towards Business users and is the most powerful phone from Samsung for the year. Even the Samsung Galaxy S9 edge which will be launched next year will follow the same case.

Samsung has always targeted the s-series of devices with a curved design language whereas with Note-series we have got a boxy look, which more suits towards the professionals. S-series from the very first Galaxy S to the Galaxy S8 have been a success. Only the Galaxy S5 was the handset which didn’t make the correct hype, maybe due to its design language or the Note 3 and Note 4 launched alongside were better than the mobile.

The S-Series

With Galaxy S6 Samsung is making curved edge screen on the device, and the curved screen is working great. Even the customers from the mid-ranged market are trying to jump into the higher-end market to get a much better fit and feel from the S-series devices. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge and the Galaxy S9 have been the real hype as the curved screen has started to evolve to a much better level.

Samsung earlier with the Galaxy S6 made deep edge screens which were sought of a problem when it came to holding, but with the Galaxy S8, we got a nice soft curve which is easy enough to hold. The Samsung Galaxy S9 edge is said to have much better feel for the same, as this time the edge screen will be much less than expected.

iPhone 8 a big competition to Samsung Galaxy S9

Apple is launching its 10th Handset this time, from the very first iPhone to the iPhone 7 it was a great journey, each year Apple managed to get the attention, and they were great when it comes with the comparison to the Galaxy S-series.

This time it is surely going to be tough for Samsung to compete against the iPhone 8. Technically the iPhone 8 is launching after the Samsung Note 8 launch, and roughly the iPhone series is mostly targeted for the S-series competition. Hence Galaxy S9 is going to be the best comparison for the iPhone8.

With iPhone 8 Apple is planning to change its design scheme with a huge margin, which Samsung had already accomplished when they launched the Galaxy S8. The Apple’s take on Infinity display will surely be going badly for Galaxy S9’s infinity display, and Samsung will have to kill it and bring something new to be against the iPhone 8 this time.

Let us talk about some of the features of Samsung Galaxy S9 & the Galaxy S9 Edge which are rumored to be coming with the handset next year, and many people will be waiting for the same. Soon after the rumors for the Note-lineup launch ends there comes the rumor about the upcoming S-series devices which ends to be the Galaxy S9. Let’s have a look at what Samsung is rumored to be planning about the handset, and what new features we might experience this time round.

Samsung Galaxy S9

As we all know it is the age of the dual camera, single camera in a flagship means it is no longer a flagship. Hence it seems that Samsung will use a dual camera setup with the Galaxy S9 also like they did with Galaxy Note 8. Talking about the Fingerprint sensor, they might be going with the Qualcomm’s under the display unit, which is going to be a great take on the phone.

It will be worthless to say, but Samsung will be using the top-of-the line chipset this time which is going to be the Snapdragon 845. This will be the toughest chipset then, and will surely out kill any other chipset in the market.

Samsung will also use the same 18.5:2 Ratio for the screen which is the new ratio the screens of the mobile phones are trending. The new resolution of the screen is a much taller display and a slimmer form factor. This will also help the phone to look premium by a huge margin.

The RAM configuration on the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a 4GB option as well a 6GB option, but typically there is no need for this high ram when there is no usage of the same. There is still no application which takes up this amount of RAM.


Samsung will surely be killing the minds with the Samsung Galaxy S9; it is quite clear they will not be changing the design language this early, and it will just be an overhaul just as we saw with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S9.

Although we can expect Samsung to come with Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9 Edge as two different handsets, which Samsung have dropped with the Galaxy S8 & even with Galaxy S7. A flat screen version of the Galaxy S9 will result in more sales of the handset, as there are some people who still like the same old flat screen on the handset.

As Apple will be making a smaller screen sized iPhone which will have better grips which means that Samsung will also have to make a much smaller version of the Samsung Galaxy S9 which fits the hand perfectly. If this happens than Galaxy S9 will also be selling like hot cakes.

These are just Rumors and expectations from the Samsung Galaxy S9 which will be launched early next year by Samsung. What do you expect from Galaxy S9 do let us know in the comment section below?