Seven marketing technologies every company must employ.

Seven marketing technologies every company must employ.

This article highlights seven marketing technologies that every company uses, which are use of Email, use of search Engine in marketing, remarketing, use of Mobile, use of marketing automation and analytics.


Analytics is a method used to identify the performance of a business, also for small business that need to entre in the marketing they have a free Google where they can advertise their product without any payment. It has helped greatly since companies do not incur advertisement expenses which are believed that half of the amount used in advertisement is wasted.

Change Optimization

This is the exchange of email contacts between those people who view a company’s website and the companies itself. This makes it easy for the company to find it easy in requesting the viewers to like their products. This is enhanced by many companies ‘encouraging viewers to fill a form before they view the website.


For any company to operate efficiently it must you email since email is a mode used to pass message between the customer and the seller. Email is also used when a client need to confirm the price of the product.

Use of search engine in marketing

For a company to operate well it must use search engines like Google ad words. Because many customers use search engines to find products at the internet, companies should position their product so that customer can easily access it we need it. Companies also need to identify the most used ads by customer so that they can know where to put their services.


This is when a person leaves a site but their ads still appears on other sites that people visits, this is done by settings that are being done. It is less expensive since one advertises what he or she wants customer to see.

Use of mobile phones

Nowadays people use mobile phones to receive and send emails to other people; also some mobile phones are used to search information from the internet. This makes it possible for any company to succeed it must use mobile phone in communication because mobile phones are cheap to buy compared to other devices like computers and laptops. This is enhanced by using mobile friendly website which fits the mobile.

Use of marketing Automation

This is a method that is used in bringing together analytics, this method is important because it is used to track what customers or viewers view most when they visit a company’s site. It is also important in that it promotes the company, so it is important for any company staring business to use this type of technology to conduct business.

Author Bio: The author of this guest article is Martin John. He is a doctor of philosophy from Florida State University and has been working on a lecture for years.


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