What are special features in mini militia Malayalam version

The mini militia game is not just another android multiplayer game, but instead, it has become a global sensation and is highly popular in India as well. When it comes to Android gaming, people start loving a game to which they can connect quickly.

mini militia malayalam


In multiplayer gaming, the biggest point of entertainment is the fact that you can play with your friends and join in a group. Mini Militia is a game that works across different platforms and has access to the user interface as well.

Because of the increasing popularity of Mini Militia, a lot of Mod versions of the games have also been released in the market. One of the very favorite Mod of the game is that of Malayalam version.  Plenty of features are included in this release, and some of the most popular include the following:

Mini Militia Malayalam version Features

  • Malayalam songs
  • Voice of characters with Malayalam accent
  • Comedy Malayalam sequences
  • Unlimited Health
  • No Flying Restriction
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • One shot kill power

The Mini Militia game is simple to play however lots of skills and features of the game are not accessible to the regular users without the use of MODs. The modified versions of the games come with loads of features such as the ones that are mentioned above. When you play online, there are many factors that contribute to your chances of winning. 

If your opponents are making use of cheat codes to play with strength then you can act as a competitor to them only when you have the right skill and features added to your character.

The Mod versions of the game let you quickly make use of the various characteristics of the match from the very start. You do not have to worry about completing the levels of the game in order to unlock the various features.  

The Malayalam version of the game not only lets you enjoy the fun of multiplayer gaming in your local Malayalam language but at the same time it brings with it, plenty of features such as unlimited health, flying and ammo that makes the game even more fun.

Just like the standard Mini Militia game, you can play the MOD version through Wi-Fi as well as hotspot connection. When looking for the mod version of the game it is extremely important to look from a reliable source and follow the right steps.

Following are some of the points to keep in mind when seeking to run a MOD version of the game:

  • Remove any previous version of the game
  •  Download from a reliable website
  • Change settings to run APK from unknown sources
  • Download the latest version

Final Words

The fact that a lot of versions of the game are regularly launched, it is important for all users to stay updated. Some of the reliable sites provide useful information about the Mini Militia game. Make sure that you download the right patch that is secure and is free from any potential viruses that can harm your system or device.