The way businesses used to execute routine tasks has seen a major shift since the advent of mobile apps. The immense modulation in trading practices is due to the emergence of new techniques, modern and refined languages and frameworks that have enabled top app developers to deliver as expected.

Swift, a programming language developed by Apple, has a major role to play in this business transformation from old school tactics to advanced mechanisms. It is a favored programming language for iOS app development today. Leading app development companies have relied on its potential to build game-changing mobile applications.

With time, its scope along with offered possibilities have widened. Businesses have been empowered with apps that are rich in features, offer stupendous user experience and aid in multiplying revenue. But, is this reliance worth? Let’s find out in our upcoming sections.

Swift- definition and scope

Swift is an intuitive and a powerful multi-paradigm programming language developed by Apple Inc. for developing applications for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and Linux. Being open-source and from the makers of leading technology company, Swift turns out to be a go-to language for novices as well as experienced professionals. The reason being its diverse capability portfolio that enables developers to accomplish tasks in the blink of an eye. Plus, it is not a typical boring programming language. It is rather fun to work with. It lets you experiment with the code and displays results instantly.

It’s simple and fast-coding environment has made things extremely facile for enterprises. No wonder, industry giants like LinkedIn, American Airlines, Getty Images and more have expressed interests in developing iOS apps in Swift.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc., has regarded Swift as the ‘next big programming language’ that’ll change the development domain for the betterment.

Why Top App Development Companies Favor Swift?

Every business demands mobile application that not only responds quickly but responds in an interactive manner. Swift development makes deploying of functional elements easy that make your app a desirable piece of technology. It further helps in reducing the amount of time and overheads for your business operations. No wonder why more and more businesses are turning up to Swift app development.

Following is a quick rundown of reasons why enterprises or even start-ups are favoring Swift for app development.

  1. Easy-to-comprehend

The code written in Swift resembles plain English, which makes it easier for developers to comprehend. The testing department doesn’t need to spend hours in identifying the infected code. The syntax is clean that makes adoption of Swifta cakewalk for existing Java, JavaScript, Python, C# and C++ programmers.

  1. Saves effort

The lines of code written in Swift is half than in the case of Objective-C. This means developers need not to write lengthy codes and Swift offers inline support for string and data manipulation. For example, to add two strings, you just need to include ‘+’ between two strings.

  1. Saves money

Swift app development saves a substantial amount of money. Every time a new set of code is written, it is required to comply, that needs computing resources like a server, hardware and other safety tools. Swift comes with the ability to compile code on the fly, which means you require minimum hardware and minimum cost incurred.

  1. It is super-fast

App-logics are run at a lightning-fast speed in Swift, which Apple has dedicatedly worked upon over the years during its development. It has been studied that Swift can perform tasks 3.9x faster than Python and 2.8x faster than Objective-C.

  1. Open-source

Above all, it is not limited to a section rather offers opportunities for the entire tech society. The community is vast and is always available to solve your queries. Backed by industry giant and supported by tech experts, Swift is superseding the prominent Objective-C.

Closing words

There is no denying the fact that the apps developed in Swift are fast and offer an impeccable experience to the users. This is the prime reason why enterprises and start-ups are heading towards Swift app development. Times have changed- Objective-C is the past and Swift is the future.