The Best Free App for Spying on your Kids and Employees

Keeping a tab on what your kids do, or your employees have been into is one of the most necessary tasks you care much. There are several spy apps available in app stores. If you want to care for your children’s use of smartphones, we have a great free app for the purpose. Mobile Tracker Free is one such app that lets you keep a tab on your kids and employees alike.

What is Mobile Tracker Free?
Well, it is an app meant for keeping track of all the activities on your target smartphone. It is a perfect spy app for your Android device. It is capable of tracking almost all the activities on your target device. The list that can be kept track on includes messages, calls, browser activities and another sort of usages.

The smartphone is a personal belonging that one may have and the free mobile tracker app takes care of all the activities on your target device. The Mobile Tracker Free provides you the with all the necessary reports.
In short, we consider it to be one of the efficient spying apps you can ever install on the smartphones of your kids and employees.

A few features that make it an excellent choice
The Mobile Tracker application can be used for free monitoring of the activities on children’s smartphones. It can track all the activities like SMS/MMS, Instant Messages like those on WhatsApp and Hangouts, call logs, Location history and web browsing history other than a host of other data.

Some of the features that make it an outstanding spy app include
• Automatic call/SMS tracking – The app lets you track all the incoming, outgoing or missed calls. The service logs all the info on the call. Call recording facility is also available. You can block suspicious callers remotely.
• Location Tracking – The spy app can be used to track the location of your target device. The location can be tracked live.
• Track images and videos – The app allows you to track the images taken, sent to and received from the target device.
• Instant Messenger Tracking – The app is capable of keeping a tab on incoming and outgoing messages on a host of Instant Messengers like WhatsApp, Line, Hangouts and Telegram.
• Remotely control your target phone – The app can be used to control your phone remotely. You can let it ring or wipe the data remotely.
• Block applications – You can block the applications that you would consider harmful for your kids. You can also monitor the installed applications.

Please note that the app will be installed with the name WiFi so as to disguise its actual functionality. You may need to enable application installations from unknown sources before attempting to install it from the APK file. You can download the apk file from the official link.

In Conclusion
Well, Mobile Tracker Free or MTF is an excellent performer when it comes to keeping a tab on what your employees or kids are doing. Please note that your target device needs to be rooted for most of the functions to be operative. Moreover, you need to have physical access to the target device so that you can install the app on it.
All in all, MTF is an excellent spy app so that you can take care of your kids, and your employees. Download it and be secured!