The .MOM Domain – A New Digital Home For Moms Everywhere

We can all appreciate the fact that moms are great, but did you know they have their personal domain extension known as .MOM? It makes sense if you think about it – considering the hard work they constantly put in, it’s only natural for moms to have their very own online hotspot.

That’s how the theory goes, at least. In practice, many mom bloggers don’t see the point of going for a .MOM domain instead of the omnipresent .COM. I understand that .COM domains can be very cheap. For example, with an eHost coupon you can get your domain and webhosting for less than 2 dollars per month.

However, there are at least four good reasons why a .MOM domain name should be considered very seriously:

  1. Blogging: If a mom wants her blog to stand out in a sea of other mom blogs, registering a .MOM domain will certainly help.
  2. eCommerce: .MOM domain names are a great place for mom entrepreneurs to hang out, create products for other mothers and share their latest ideas.
  3. Message Boards: More and more parenting message boards opt for a .MOM domain because it helps them attract more traffic.
  4. Forums: If you’re looking for advice from a mother, a .MOM website should be your natural starting point.

Let’s focus a bit more on mom bloggers and mom entrepreneurs. Why would they consider a .MOM domain? Well…

Mom Bloggers

If there’s one thing mom bloggers have in common, it’s that they want to help out their kids as much as possible. Creative blogging is one of the most popular ways to make money from the safety of one’s home, which makes it a perfect fit with mothers of all ages. Many moms write about the specifics of being a parent and the many changes motherhood brings into your life, but no subject is truly off-limits.

In many ways, mothers are the perfect role models. The importance of their role in our society and the excellent work they do as caretakers and nurturers are a constant subject of passionate discussion. Is it any wonder, then, that mom blogs are steadfastly gaining in popularity? These blogs are a natural destination for both moms and people who love them, and a .MOM domain name only makes it easier to spot them.

Mom Entrepreneurs

Of course, blogging is far from the only way for stay-at-home moms to make a living. Enter mom entrepreneurs (or mompreneurs, if you will) – moms who start businesses ranging from monogrammed tea towels to software companies. As it turns out, running a business from home gives you enough flexibility to earn an income while taking care of your children. For that matter, we know a couple of mothers who consider their business ventures to be a walk in the park when compared to meeting their kids’ needs.

Introducing .MOM

Mom blogs and mom websites might have started out innocently enough, but they’ve definitely turned into a serious business somewhere along the way. These days, there are almost 4 million mom blogs in North America alone, and those at the very top make six-figure incomes purely through sponsorships and ads. That’s why a .MOM domain extension is such a big deal – it lets your potential readers know what you’re all about as soon as possible. Really, the only surprising thing about the introduction of this domain is that it didn’t happen much sooner!