TheTop 5 Amazing Robots You Must Try

Technology has made our lives easier and better than ever. It has introduced numerous inventions that serve well in personal as well professional life. This industry has introduced an incredible invention ofrobots to perform specific tasks. A Robot is basically an automatic machine that follows its installed system and operates itself to attempt complex tasks. There are top five amazing robots, discussed further, that you must give a try to see how they can be a great help to you.

  1. JIBO

Jibo is the world’s first family robot that can become a lovely member of your home-sweet-home. It is a small lamp-shaped robot with a round screen at the front to exhibit illustrations in order to communicate more effectively. Jibo can become an active member of your celebrations by taking cool pictures and recording memorable videos.Jibo can turn out to be a thoughtful member of your family by reminding you of special events, so you don’t miss out on anything important.


Isn’t it magical to be at two places simultaneously? We’re talking for real because with the invention of Double Robot, you can now attend an urgent meeting at the office while lying in your cozy bed. Double is a long stand-shaped robot that moves with its bottom wheel, manufactured with balancing algorithm to keep its movement stable. This distantly controlled mobile robot enables the controller to communicate visually by using the top I-pad. You can operate it through your smartphone or laptop and move it accordingly to communicate with important people.


Meet Pepper! It is not any typical house robot for cleaning your floors or washing dishes. It is a complete humanoid robot that is here to make you happy by creating an emotional relationship. Its external structure includes same parts as a human body, including head, face, and limbs. It comes with an additional screen at the chest to communicate with illustrations. A 3D camera and 2 HD cameras are installed in it that help Pepper to recognize family faces and its 4 directional microphones allow it to record everybody’s voice.

  1. MOLEY- The Kitchen Robot

Let’s enjoy some delicious food, made by a high-tech robot! Moley is introducing the world’s first robotic kitchen that will surprise you with expert chef dishes. This kitchen robot consists of two long arms and flexible hands for stirring, shaking and cutting. All you have to do is to prepare a dish first and upload in its system so that you can enjoy it in the same delicious taste whenever you want with a single command.

  1. MILO

Currently, in America, every 1 out of 63 children is suffering from autism that means we need some proper directions to deal with theirdamaged personality. For that reason, Robokind has developed Milo, a humanoid robot that is designed for autistic kids to teach them social skills.Milo conducts an expressive interaction with autistic children to teach them social behavior skills and also comments on their responsive expressions.

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