Things to Look for in a WordPress Themes

There are so many themes available to use but it takes a lot of effort to choose a perfect theme and start a WordPress blog. WordPress blogging platform has grown exponentially in last few years and there is no ending to supply of great WordPress themes which are coming from different developers and markets. With so many themes how to choose perfect theme? And what things should I look for in WordPress themes.

Tips for Choosing Perfect WordPress Theme

Design: – First of all you should look for the design it is the obvious thing and the most important of all. Most of the theme providers provide demo so do check their various features of themes and these demos will help you decide is this theme worth to you or not.


Theme Loading Time: – Copy the URL of demo version of that theme and perform a speed test using Google Developers tool and analyze different web pages. You should go for theme only if web pages score is greater than 70.

Responsiveness: – Before you use any theme check it responsiveness on different tools and make it sure that theme looks good from 4” Screen mobile to 10” tablets to 27” Computer screens. With responsiveness test also make sure the various menus inline post search box etc.

Are Short Code Included: – If short-codes are included then you can easily input formatted content in your WordPress Blog pages and post with keeping your blog size to minimum. These short-codes are useful when adding some extra plugins like: Multi-column grids, testimonials, maps, forms and videos etc.

Major Browser Supported: – Before making purchase of any WordPress theme make sure that your theme looks consistent in major browser which are being used in Mobiles and Personal computers. Use browseshots to check is that theme compatible with Major browser or not.

Theme Customization: – All WordPress themes should be customizable so that to make minor changes like to change color scheme, Font family, CSS and many other things you need not have to go to any programmer. You should only look for those themes which can be customize without editing their HTML codes.

Is theme Original: – Some websites like Medium and Quartz have excellent design and you can easily find many themes which are similar like them for free and commercial use. This was the exact clones of some other beautiful themes. This thing should be avoided as Website design is also an intellectual property.

Do they provide Support: – As soon as you will buy the theme, you will face some problems regarding installation of theme and some question to ask about theme? And there is no other better option to ask about these things to Theme Developer. Look for their support forum or twitter page so that you can solve your quires.

How Often Theme is updated: – Go and look at the change log of the themes where developers update those details regarding the new features which are added to theme and various bug fixes over time. Don’t purchase that theme which is updated in last 3-6 months. Go for those themes which are updated recently and compatible with Latest WordPress Version.