Tips on Adding Page Numbers to PDF

Portable document formats are now common in every field. Starting from school, college, university, and offices everywhere PDF has become an essential format. Whether you are writing an assignment, working on a project or just want to have a read of a book online, you’ll encounter with PDF.

Adding Page Numbers to PDF
Adding Page Numbers to PDF

PDF has become much popular format in recent years because of its highly advanced features. Working with PDF also allows editing and securing your documents from intruders. If you are creating a file with PDF and now you have to edit it. Editing can be of different types including page formatting, page positioning, changing text font and size or add page numbers here in the file.

We will give you some tip on how to add page numbers in you created PDF online in few easy and quick the ways. If you are in a hurry with your limited time to the deadline for submitting your project, you can use fastest online soda PDF page numbering tool free of cost. Just follow these simple steps and tips:

  1. Open the soda pdf online website.
  2. Browse and upload your file.
  3. Choose from editing tab the page numbering option.
  4. You can see a window showing you different page numbering options.
  5. You can set the pages you want to be numbered. For example, if you don’t want the first page of your document to be numbered you can set and start to add page number from the second page and onwards.
  6. Similarly, you can choose different styles to add page numbers either on corners, top or bottom.
  7. It also gives you different fonts and sizes of page numbers to be added.
  8. If you are in a hurry and want to number your document pages, just use soda pdf, and it will add the number in few seconds.

Benefit of Adding Page Numbers

Page numbering tool is handy as you must know the pages you want to discuss, or you want to emphasize on. And it will only be possible when pages are properly numbered. If you don’t number your document pages, it will make a great mess and difficulty in finding the required page. It also wastes your time and makes you feel embarrassed in front of your boss to find the required page.

If you number pages properly your whole document will be organized. And if you want to have printouts it’ll also be in proper required sequence. It will allow you to present your project confidently and sequentially in a well-organized way.

Soda PDF is the best online tool which gives you the freedom to make your PDF the way you want. No other online PDF program will give you these features free of cost. They will either say you to upgrade or to register by giving some amount to access all the features. We recommend you to use this great online platform with tons of useful features to make your PDF files admirable. Just log in and start using it the way you want.