Tips & Tricks for a Motivated Workout

While it may sometimes be hard to keep being motivated to exercise, you wouldn’t want you to trade your away your health. Here are tips and tricks you can do to stay pumped up on gym days:

Reward Yourself after Every Session

Sometimes, getting better health and losing waist inches isn’t enough motivation because it takes a while to see the results. This can actually demotivate many people and they end up not going to the gym for one day. Then, this one day will turn into two and then so on until they quit altogether. You don’t want this happening to you and your workout routine.

To avoid this, reward yourself after every workout. It doesn’t necessarily have to be food. It could be an episode of your favorite TV series that you only allow yourself to watch after a session at the gym. Choose something that will get you raring to lift and sweat hard to get to. Eventually, your mind will make a link between the two and you will become excited to go to the gym for the sake of the reward.

Make A Pledge

People make promises to themselves every day; probably even yourself. While it’s great to believe in yourself, sometimes it’s not enough pressure to get your to gym every other day. Instead, try to make a promise in front of a few friends that you will work out regularly. Define the days when you will go so that your friends can easily follow up. To add more “motivation”, promise to pay them a certain amount each every time you fail to attend a session. Have all these terms written down and signed by everyone involved. For sure, the thought of losing money is enough to motivate you to get your butt to the gym.

Use Mental Contrasting

Mental contrasting is the technique in which you identify what your goal is and what is holding you back from it. By using this, you will be able to know what is preventing you from going to gym. From there, you will figure out how to work around it. Maybe your work chair is uncomfortable and leaves you too tired for a set of exercises later on in the night. Or maybe the food you eat doesn’t give you enough sustained energy. Observe yourself and see when you get demotivated to work out and identify your problems. Then, find a way to avoid those situations.

Find A Supportive Gym

The best kind of motivation is from people. No, not the one that pays you on the days that you don’t go to the gym; the ones in the gym itself. If the trainers and fellow gym members and friendly, supportive, and motivating, then you will have less fears of going to lift weights heavier than you’ve done before. The jokes and high fives will give you a positive energy that you will want to go back to every time.  If your gym is not like this, then it may be what’s making you demotivated. Go ahead and find another place where you can find confidence and strength to break your limits every time you’re at the gym.

Key Takeaway

Yes, the temptations of being lazy for a day is strong and maybe you deserve a break. But just make sure that they don’t become a regular thing. Use the tips above to make working out something that you want to go back to even after a vacation from it.