Top 10 Ridiculously Smart Gadgets In 2017

So today we are going to have a look at some really amazing gadgets, including various amazing apps, headphones and drone camera, which is going to blow your mind to know what you can do with it. (Excited much?)

Let’s get started!

10. Smart Tennis Racket

So whatever is connected tennis racket or special features inside the handle pure drive inside the handle measure all kinds of different things while you’re out playing, there’s an app which you can load on smart phone or tablet and it can also sync with your smart phone and saved all the data of your training session, and it gives everything as a percentage.

In the lower part of this smart tennis racket, there’s two larger buttons once you click them and it turns purple that means you are connected to your phone and it logged all data in the phone.

9. Moleskine Smart Writing Pen Set

It’s a new system for writing digitally on paper, designed by Moleskine. It’s called the Moleskine Smart Writing Pen Set, and it’s made up by the Moleskine Pen + Paper tablet. Guess why “paper table” look at the shape of this note book it’s like a tablet but it’s made of paper.

So you combine the of using ink and paper with the advantages of digital, sharing, editing, browsing. But let’s start the pen it come with a charger, on extra pen tip, a user guide and the Moleskine Paper tablet. Download the app ‘’Neo smartpen” from Google or App store.

Reach out for your paper tablet skip to the 3rd page and let your ideas flow. As you write and new notebook will appear on app.

This is going to help a lot of students and office workers.

  1. F-lashes

Flashes these falls lashes are with led lights get place on the upper eyelid and don’t mess with a normal movement of the eyes using special and transparent cables eyelashes are attached to a controller conveniently located at the temple where they’re powered by a battery the eyelashes have five different flashing modes with seven different colors they also react with movement for example if you tilt your head it switches to a previously selected mode.

  1. Covi by SENIC

Covi by SENIC this intelligent lamp from Germany is compatible with the device in your home and to help you fight your internet addiction making your life easier some of the function available in covi is voice control and the possibility to regulate light and brightness a personal voice assistant an alarm and much more.

All this comes in a device of only 10 by 7.5 inches.

Set Morning Scene

Play Songs

Lights 50%

0ver 10,000 Nuimo’s shipped

German designed award

Reddot designed award

The lamp device weights than a kilogram get connect to the wall.

  1. Smart Lock

This is gates the 1st all in one smart lock and 1st all in one system to conveniently manage who comes in and out in your home it’s your personal doorman protecting everything you hold most important and connecting you to your guest and services it included a smart lock with key access that can be controlled remotely by a mobile phone or computer to a keypad entry system 3 a motion activated camera with audio and doorbell and for a secure WI-FI connection. Only family members can come in and it also notifies based on personal passcode if any family member forgets their key.

  1. Amazon Echo Black

There’s a new device called Amazon echo which Is a free speaker voice controller. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, News, sports weather and much more. This could be really helpful and you just have to ask.

Echo has seven microphones and can beam forming technology so the echo can hear you from far away. Alexa responds intelligently from echo device you’re close to with ESP(Echo Spatial Perception). When you have to use echo just say wake word *Alexa* and echo will respond instantly. It can be a lot helpful in kitchen, office projects.

So get your Alexa speaker and make it use full for yourself.

  1. uHoo

Uhoo is a smart indoor air quality sensor that detects and alerts you of allergies and toxins in the area you breathe think of the places you and your loved one spend the most timing, do you know the quality of air in your office at work in your hotel room.

When you travel how about in your own living room or your child’s bedroom these are important because VOCs are found in paint and house hold cleaning products dust can accumulate unseen and fabric around us and humidity encourages the growth of bacteria and mold all these cause respiratory problems skin irritation and over all poor health from the Lawler you who let you know when something’s not right and what you can do the simplest and easiest things to do make the biggest difference cut down on chemical cleaners  wash your child favorite toys air out your living areas and check on possible gas leaks don’t leave it to chance or guesswork you who  keeps track of the air breath round the clock so you and your loved ones get to live work and play in the best and safest possible environment.

It is the most comprehensive indoor air quality detector on the market today with eight dedicated sensors that detect volatile organic compounds does carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide ozone air pressure temperature and humidity.

  1. Gate keeper

Gate keeper is a wireless key fob that automatically locks your computer when you walk away and when you walk back gate keeper will have unlocked by the time you sat down.

Thanks to gate keeper your computer is never left unlocked and vulnerable to snooping you don’t have to waste any valuable time locking and unlocking your PC when u get of the computer there’s nothing to stop a colleague helping themselves with gate keeper the computer will lock as soon as you leave your desk using gatekeeper couldn’t be easier simply insert the included battery and download the software pair the dongle and you are ready to go there and unlock modes. There are three unlock modes

  1. Login automatically using gatekeeper
  2. Touch to login
  3. Login using gatekeeper

But what happens if you lose your gatekeeper thankfully gatekeeper also functions as a Bluetooth tracker so you can find it and your keys with a gatekeeper app on your phone this works while you’re within 30 feet of gate keeper providing it not connected to your computer when located gatekeeper chime and the app will give you an idea of how far away the key fob is.
Gatekeeper is an awesome and as smart enough to rank no. 3.

  1. Smart Egg

Today we have a better life to many devices throughout our homes however when we face so many choices we sometimes lose sight of what is most important in life we waste valuable time and endless repetitive task this needs to stop.

We believe that things can manage themselves if we add the little magic twist simple egg introducing smart egg your new home automation controller connects to your mobile wirelessly by a Bluetooth 4.0.

It can meter the temperature and sense your presence control using your signals from at forwarding most home application.

Home sweet home lights TV music and everything is ready to serve when you get home with no hassle ho tedious controls there’s more time for pleasure the smart egg app gives you a brand new interface to give you control and with auto mute entertainment will never be interrupted again.

So that’s how smart egg takes the position No.2.

  1. Aura X

 The aura X is the world’s smartest headphones that means you can down load millions of app and games from the android play store with the aura X you can watch music videos play casual games on the subway or just listen to your favorite tunes on the go.

It allows you to check notifications share content on social networks and much more, the aura X includes a patented our display camera position sensor 50-millimeter speakers for a rich audio sound and a touch pad through control and interactions.

If you into fitness you will love it because you can go to a gym and be being able to see through the glass. They combined the best sound with the best of wearable technology this is the world’s first muted headset can bring to news and mental to mobile.

This is our 1st position taker smart headset which I totally loved it.

Hope you guys enjoyed the ranking and information. Keep checking for more informative articles. Gate keeper