Top 5 Best Apps That You Should Download Right Now

Here is our handpicked recommendation for the best apps that you should be using right now. A quick google search will present a list of the most popular apps that people are currently using but what it doesn’t mention are the niche apps that are not so popular but serve excellent purposes.

They cater to specific needs that you might have and you should definitely have them installed in your phone. We will be covering various criteria in this list and and I am sure these apps will come in handy for times when you need them.
So, without further ado let’s get into the list.


TweakBox iOS is one of the most popular smartphone OS in the market if not the most popular OS. It is a very elegant and simple OS popularly known for “getting things done”. However, we all know it comes with a lot of limitations which are not found in its counterpart OS, Android. TweakBox is one such app such app which provides you with the freedom to download apps which are either hacked/modified or free or otherwise not available in the App store. Particularly for this reason we have given TweakBox the number 1 spot in our list. It extends the functionality of an otherwise limited OS. It has the trust of 7 million plus users so without any hurry, go and download it right away.


If you had been looking for a third party app store to install various apps which may or may not be available in the official store then Appvn is the way to go. Appvn boasts a large database of apps catering to diverse categories from games to productivity and much more. With Appvn you would be getting all the features of the official app store and much more. What sets apart Appvn from other appstores is the fact it is available for iOS,Android and Windows. Yes,you heard that right,it is available for all the major platforms so users can rejoice!

Honorable Mention:


If you love Appvn then I am sure you will also love this app. It is as awesome as Appvn and even provides some other functionalities besides that. Just like Appvn this app is available for iOS and Android. It also has a PC client. It features a large collection of apps exceeding 100,000!
The best thing about this app is you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device to use it. It is recommended to use this app besides Appvn. Be sure to check it out.


On the third position of this list we have an app that was made by Google itself. Although a major corporation such as Google created it, it is not known by many people. We all have printed photos from olden days whose digital copies we do not possess. We are afraid that they may be permanently lost due to aging with time. Well,fear no more, PhotoScan comes to rescue. Just take photos of your photos with this app and witness the magic as a high quality digital copy will be created and uploaded to Google Photos so that you may never lose them again. Check this out ASAP.


Are you a YouTube junkie? Wish YouTube had background playback feature for listening to your favourite music and podcasts while doing other stuff on your phone, then you have stumbled upon just the app for you. AudioPocket is like a dream come true. Yeah,you guessed it right! It allows background playback of YouTube videos. So, worry no more and continue doing your work while listening to some music from YouTube.


If you always wanted the Samsung-exclusive feature of reading your eyes and making sure not to turn the display off while you are using your phone for reading or other stuff then you have found the right app. While it doesn’t track your eyes, it provides the same functionality by using the various sensors in your phone to detect movements. It is a must have app for an android user.

Bonus: We will be wrapping up this list with a bonus app for android. Android users are familiar with the process of rooting your device and the many benefits it provides! However, not everybody is familiar with the process of doing it as it may be a bit intimidating for the new people. Well, finally you need not bother yourself with the complicated steps as Bydia is an app which pretty much does everything for you with just the press of a button. So, be sure to check it out if you want more from your android device.