Top 5 Indoor Games of the 90s Kids

90s kids were always out in the sun, playing fun games with their gang. That generation was very different from that of todays. Though 90s kids loved playing outdoors, they enjoyed some lovely indoor games that are still close to the hearts of many. Many of these games have come become today in a revamped form. Below given is a list of these games.

Ludo is a simple game, enjoyed by people of all ages. The game requires the players to move counters round a board as per the dice throw. This game was very famous back in the 90s. Family get-togethers were just incomplete without a round of Ludo. This evergreen board game has now made its come back over the internet. A lot of people are downloading this game on their phone and enjoying it with their friends over the internet.

Rummy is another popular game of the 90s. People were just crazy for this game. Many families played the game of rummy on special events and festivals like Diwali. Friends would specially meet up to play a round of rummy. The game has many variants which were equally enjoyed. Every variant was popular amongst some age group. The rummy craze is back. The presence of rummy online has got people excited. More and more people are registering on to online rummy sites to play the game against players from different parts of the nations. Another advantage of playing rummy online is you get to play your favorite game for real cash. You can make some pocket money for enjoying this card game online.  

There is no one from that generation who has not heard about this game. The famous video game of Mario had got the kids addicted to their gaming consoles. The aim of every child was to rescue the princess. Stages after stages kept kids of the 90s busy for hours. The summer vacations were just spent looking for the princess in the castle. This game has got many variations till now. Post the original Mario, Mario J, G, L, etc. was launched to refresh your memories.

Snake and Ladders
The list can’t just end without mentioning this board game. Snake and ladders is a board game that can be played among 2 to 6 players. Every player needs to roll the dice in order to get a number to move forward. The board has many snakes and ladders. Each snake bite brings you a few steps down, while every ladder helps you skip some numbers and climb quickly. The aim is to reach the finish number 100 before your opponents do.

This is another game that the 90s kids loved. It has not just been famous in India, but abroad too. The aim of the game was to eat all the dots and gain power with fruits. You need to eat all the dots to move on the next level. There have been many versions of this game launched in the market. These versions have been equally famous.

The newer versions of these games are sure to make you feel nostalgic. Their presence online is a treat to the 90s kids. They can anytime play these games and bring back their childhood memories. These games were popular then and will always be. Though the 90s kids are all grown up, but even today these games will excite them.