The Top 5 Must Have Instagram Marketing Tools for 2017

Instagram has never been as useful and accommodating towards marketers as it is now. Growing at a remarkable pace, this social networking platform has now emerged as a marketing platform for businesses of all types and operational scales. From product-based to service-based businesses to B2B to B2C business, Instagram is equally useful and important for each of them.

This social network now boasts over 700 million active monthly users. Latest trends also suggest that Instagram provides the highest rate of engagement. Apart from that, Instagram’s algorithms and visual-content based user-friendly UI has led to it being social media marketers’ first and foremost choice.

While Instagram grows as a marketing platform, the marketing techniques also continue to evolve. To cope with the evolving techniques and dynamic world of social media marketing, you can utilize some Instagram marketing tools, aimed at assisting you with your Instagram marketing strategy.

Below is a list of the top 5 Instagram marketing tools that are must-have for any Instagram marketer.


Vibbi is an online Instagram marketing tool that helps you gain followers on Instagram fast. It provides an array of services and features that are bound to assist you with enhancing your Instagram marketing strategy. The features offered by Vibbi are aimed at increasing the following for your account and boosting engagement. Apart from that, a couple of other useful features are also provided by this Instagram marketing tools. As per their official website, this tool helps you grow your Instagram through powerful organic techniques.

Vibbi provides real and targeted Instagram followers, likes and views to grow your Instagram profile in terms of numbers and value and boost engagement around your brand on Instagram.

You can also avail Vibbi’s Web Viewer service to check out profiles and hashtags straight from the browser, and Vibbi’s Instaport service to backup your Instagram content to a hard drive and eliminate the risk of losing your content.

Vibbi provides a 3-day trial for anyone to try out their services. You can also go over to their blog from Vibbi’s website, to read articles related to Instagram marketing.


Like2buy is the perfect tool for marketers looking to convert audience and increase their revenues. This tool might be the answer to Instagram marketers’ woes. In a nutshell, this Instagram marketing tool actually lets you convert your Instagram gallery into a shoppable feed. Clarifying further, this will let your customers explore and shop your products directly via your Instagram profile, Sounds amusing, doesn’t it? It is a game changer in the Instagram marketing world. Not only does it provides greater convenience to your customers, but also adds a profile to your brand.

Here’s how they describe this tool on their website.

“We’ve taken Instagram’s lone link and made it mighty. With Like2Buy, Instagram isn’t just a beautiful feed of images; it’s now a gorgeous gallery of products, available for purchase with just a tap.”

Like2buy allows you to select an image and tag it with a link to the relevant product. It also lets you tag multiple products in a single photo. The process is pretty straightforward, yet your efforts are highly unlikely to go unrewarded.

This tool is quite reliable. It also enables you to localize your Instagram galleries to alter the content according to the audience and deliver the right content to them.


This tool lets you schedule your Instagram posts and upload them at your specified time. This tool is pretty useful considering the importance of maintaining a higher post frequency. For those who cannot manage time to upload posts, can leverage this tool and keep their post frequency as it leads to higher levels of engagement.

You can also utilize this tool to queue your posts and establish a certain posting pattern.

Apart from that, ScheduGram also enables you to manage multiple Instagram accounts via a single platform or allow access to a single account to several people.

ScheduGram offers a 7-day trial for those who’d like to try out their services and features.

Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a basic Instagram analytics tool, ideal for beginners. It provides actionable information regarding your Instagram account, posts, and followers. It offers a range of data including trending and relevant hashtags, ideal posting times and content. Union Metrics also highlights your most active and important audience, reminding you to engage with them.

As described by Union Metrics itself, this tool empowers marketers with the social marketing intelligence they need to reach their audience and grow their business.


Hopper is another handy Instagram marketing tool, aimed at keeping your audiences engaged. While some may think that it is just another tool to schedule posts, it is not. Most of the scheduling tools out there only notify you when to post. However, Hopper offers utmost convenience by posting your scheduled content to Instagram. Hopper is a great investment of marketers operating at all scales and levels