Top 7 Must have android apps

If you have got a new Android Smartphone, you must be wondering which applications you need to install first. Android applications are the backbone of a smartphone, and most of them are available free at Google Play Store. We must agree, most of the applications are not worth our attention and it is challenging to surf the trash to find the ideal ones.

Have a look at the top 7 must-have android apps which you must begin installation right away:

Top 7 Must have android apps

Must have android apps

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual personal assistant android application and provides you a variety of features. You can ask your assistant any question for example, about the weather, about movie timings, etc. You can ask it to do things for you, for instance, setting up an alarm for a reminder or you can ask it to play games with you or sing a song for you.



The best online video streaming is always a hotly-contested category with a lot of competitors available. Well, Youtube is the populist and the most efficient android application to watch videos on various types. There are more videos available than a person can watch in a lifetime. The interface is perfect and easy to use.

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 you can download youtube videos by downloading the Tubemate App

Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp Messenger is one of the most popular messaging app ever.  What makes one hard to walk away from it is that billions of people are relying on Whatsapp to place free voice calls, video calls, sharing photos and videos and most often free texts.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

It is important to safeguard your android device from virus and identify potential privacy concerns of any kind. Malwarebytes is the best-known app to wipe out malicious software for good. Malwarebytes detects any threats to your device by performing boot scan each time you use the application.


Google Maps

Google Maps is the most recommended and the popular navigation app. It features straightforward and elegant interface to help a user navigate maps throughout the world while traveling. Google Maps provides you the option of transport for example Bus, walks or by car depending upon which it delivers various routes and their expected time. It is the most reliable application and is on the top from the last couple of years.



By following the credible information provided by Accuweather app, your summer vacation plans and open lawn parties won’t be ruined by unexpected showers or severe hot weather. Accuweather has a gorgeous interface and detects your location automatically to provide details and features of upcoming weather conditions. This app provides quick summaries and warnings by taking into account factors like winds, cyclones, etc. rather than just giving information about the temperature.


Google Drive Suite


Google Drive is a cloud storage platform developed by Google which offers the users 15 GB of free cloud space when a new user signs-up. It works best with android handsets and tablets and gives you a variety of features that include apps such as  Google Slides, Google Photos, Google Docs, Gmail, etc. which is the best one all-in-one solution for most people.