Use of Node.js for Developing Web Applications

When you need extra functionality to your programming you use the Node.js since this allows JavaScript to run on your server without a web browser. When you design using Node.js you simplify things a lot. Node.js has remained popular ever since its launch for a variety of reasons.

Features of the node.js

First, Node.js is an open source and cross-platform. Since they built it on the V8 JavaScript Runtime engine from Chrome, all the applications that you build are fast, flexible, and easy to build. The normal use for JavaScript is in the client-side scripting. When we use Node.js, we can do server side scripting in JavaScript. So, node JS web application development finds extensive use.

The growth of Node.js package NPMecosystem as one of the world’s largest ecosystems that include open source libraries globally. This is mainly due to the non-blocking I/O. This event-driven model makes it efficient and swift. The huge performance gains shown by the developers in this field is now a significant landmark in the IT market. Among the various reasons for using Node.js in web application development, the primary use benefit is because it is community friendly and fast.

Good running speed

As discussed, the Googles V8 engine provides the speed while the use of JavaScript helps enhance the speed. You can run the code in Node.js at much faster speeds and this in turn improves the speed of the framework. The Node.js community is prosperous and open source. They have made and launched many modules to help increase the success of the applications.

The next significant thing is that Node.js encourages sharing. This is done through the Node Package Manager (NPM) and there are more than 50,000 packages in the Node.js that helps developers create innovative solutions. Using the inbuilt NPM, developers update, share, or reuse codes. Due to all these reasons, we can say the Node.js package manager is powerful and handy.

Fits applications data streaming possible

The node JS website builder fits real time applications perfectly. This is because the Node.js can build web applications at top speed. It has features that suit the real time developing of web applications such as gaming apps and chats. The architecture is event driven and it furnishes both the server side and the client side because of the Node.js coding. The web socket protocol works with TCP. This handles the multi-user functions. It prevents the overhead of HTTP for web development.

With Node.js, data streaming is possible. The HTTP request and response are considered separate events but on the web platform, they are data streams. This helps improve many aspects during processing files and with uploading time. The duration of processing is reduced considerably. This becomes useful during the real time recording of audio and is possible to send and synchronize data on both the server side and the client side. This makes the single code base simple and effective to use.

Some of the best platforms on the web such as the PayPal, LinkedIn, and eBay have been developed using Node js for coding. The multitude of benefits that it gives makes it the most preferred coding tool for developers.