VideoPad Video Editor Review in Details

The extreme simplicity of the VideoPad Video Editor makes it ideal for the best novice video editor. While other programs might offer more advanced features that would appeal to professional editors, VideoPad’s user-friendly design makes it the logical choice for beginners.

VideoPad Video Editor Review

VideoPad Video Editor Review

Starting with a great design and ending with excellent person to person technical support, you can use this software with confidence knowing you will always be able to find the answer you need. Check out the VideoPad Video Editor Review here.

Video Capture and Playback

VideoPad’s editing program makes importing videos directly from digital cameras easy; all it takes is clicking the button labeled “Capture.” If you’re using a camera that stores the footage on an external device, importing your videos is easily a matter of matching the button labeled “Add Media.” The VideoPad program also lets you easily transfer visual, audio, and video files from the external devices you use with your computer, such as webcams.

Essentially, any file you can store on your computer can easily and quickly be loaded into VideoPad. Old home movies recorded on VCR tapes can also be transferred to VideoPad easily, and the time it takes to transfer most types of files is almost instant.


The usability of this software is one of the main selling points of this product. To start a new project, all that the user needs to do is add a file to the media list. Each file that is added is treated as a clip and can be dropped at any place in the video track. The large viewing space makes it easy to edit the film with precision. VideoPad also supports the option to upload videos to YouTube.

Editing Tools

For the majority of users, VideoPad offers quality editing capabilities that produce great clips. There are other video editing products that rank higher and offer more capabilities, but for the average user, VideoPad is more than adequate.

Video Stabilization is the most important capability of VideoPad. Video stabilization evens out unsteady portions of the video caused by shaky hands. Clips can be edited down to a preferred length and portions of clips can be selected using Media List. VideoPad offers easy to use green and red flags to mark the beginning and end of clips, and allows users to split clips.

Export and Production

When it comes to video export, VideoPad export/production could not make it simpler. This video editing software allows users to share their projects and export their presets for popular media types. Users can also export movies to portable devices like PSP’s, iPhone, and iPods. They can even upload to YouTube just by clicking an icon.

Transitions and Editing EffectsVideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor’s editing effects and transitions are less extensive than with some editing software like explaindio, but they are still useful and easy to use. Clicking on the green icon at the beginning of a clip allows the user to adjust the brightness.

Watermarks and text can also be added at any point. Clip show speed can also be adjusted, and users may fade, crossfade, or fade photos through white space. The duration of the fade can also be changed.

Disc Creation

VideoPad Video Editor’s disc creation allows the user to burn either to a DVD or Blu-ray disc. It also offers the option to burn to a CD.

Audio and Photo Editing

This software’s audio and photo editing involve adding a video clip to the sequence. Volume and effects must also be adjusted to accommodate the new clip.

Software Support

Users can easily receive VideoPad help and support if needed. The company provides support via email for those who have purchased the editing software. The company’s website also has an FAQ section and a user forum that are great resources for new users. The user manual is available for download and in a printed form.