Voice Biometrics Solution: A Blessing For Contact Centers

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to predict that voice biometrics is going to be the future of call centers. Verification of a customer’s identity is becoming a challenge for outsourcing contact center operating across the globe. Authentication solutions aren’t a privilege but a necessity in today’s time. In the most basic terms, voice biometrics is the technology which helps in identifying a person’s identity just by his or her voice. This method is gaining more and more popularity because it is a convenient tool both for the company as well as its customers. Now, the call center agents don’t have to ask questions to verify the caller. Even customers don’t have to go through a stressful phase of ‘question and answer round’ in order to establish their authenticity. The voice of a customer is his password. Voice biometrics identifies the patterns of a person’s voice. This is unique to each and every customer and is difficult to hack, thereby reducing the chances of theft by fraudsters.

There are no two doubts about it that voice biometrics is one of the practices which is being widely and rapidly adapted in outsourcing contact center across the world. It has been welcomed by open arms with different industries like banking, finance and other security-sensitives arenas of business. There are a host of compelling benefits being offered by this new technology which include, but aren’t limited, to the following.

  • Improvement in customer service experience:
    As the customers don’t have to face the interrogations, a voice biometric system improves the quality of customer service to great extents. It is very annoying for callers to enter their passcodes at every given point of time to prove their authenticity. As a matter of fact, voice biometric can be deployed across multiple channels of communication, as once the customer’s voice details are captured, they can be used across various other mediums. This unified and seamless experience isn’t just efficient but helps in providing better services to clients. Voice biometric has proved to reduce the average handling time by a great extent and eliminates all the unnecessary prior steps to authenticate a caller. Now agents can skip all the prior authentication steps and focus on solving a caller’s issue. This tool doesn’t just help in achieving personalization but contributes significantly towards improving customer experience as a whole.
  • Better security:
    The greatest advantage of a voice biometric system is that it increases the levels of security manifold. The number of frauds have been on a rise across various industries. Security PINs and passwords can be traced easily and hackers are able to access them to do deceit people. A voice biometric system acts as a shield in safeguarding an individual’s personal information. Outsourcing contact center is one business domain which is benefitting immensely from this security system. As call center is an area which is bombarded with calls all the time, asking similar kinds of questions to authenticate a caller isn’t one of the best ideas. This gets monotonous for agents, customers get irritated and it largely affects the experience which customers draw out of the entire conversation. A tool which identifies a caller by his or her voice patterns is surely helpful. As voice authentication is done by using a combination of various mathematical expressions, it eliminates all the chances of any fraud and offers a high level of security.
  • Less costs:
    Various researches have gone on to prove that an installation of a voice biometric system can help a company in saving millions of dollars. How? All the extra time of agents which was earlier wasted in seeking a customer’s legitimacy and asking unnecessary questions is eliminated entirely. The time which is saved here can be put to other much creative uses and an organization can reap a lot more by utilizing this time in other productive avenues. The time saved on calls isn’t just symbolic of efficiency but is also representative of cost savings.

A voice biometric system provides a win-win situation for everyone across an reputed outsourcing contact center. It helps in placing customers in the first stand of the podium as it abolishes the extra steps of verification which do nothing apart from frustrating them. For the company, the time of agents is saved. This time can be utilized in achieving other productive goals. Shorter calls aren’t just beneficial for agents but are extremely convenient for customers as well.


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