Ways to Respond to Emails Successfully

When it comes to ways of contacting businesses, email is fast becoming the favorite tried and tested method. Marketing through email can be extremely successful when it is done right, and having many people contact you through email means you can reply in an orderly fashion and respond with personalized replies. Here are five ways to have better email numbers and improved customer conversations through email.

Optimize Your Website

If your website isn’t optimized for email, potential customers won’t email you through lack of contact details. It makes sense. To optimize your website for messages, it’s really just a case of ensuring that you continue to point out that customers and visitors can indeed send you a message, and letting them know that you will respond to it.

You, therefore, need to ensure that your website is ready for an increase in traction and is fully equipped to help make conversions by offering contact details in an appropriate ‘Contact Us’ page. For example, if you’re a plumber and you’re using an effective email marketing campaign, if they were to head to your website only for it to be faulty or, even worse, non-existent, then they’d leave and find someone else. You can counter such issues, though, by hiring a professional in plumbing website design. They can ensure that everything points to your email address or contact form.

Response Assistant

Sometimes you will be busy – and the more your business grows, the busier you will be. If you can’t yet afford to hire someone specifically to answer your emails for you, then use a response assistant. This is a way of setting automated messages so that your customers know that you will get back to them, but that you’re not in the office, or you’re out on site, or you’re having lunch, etc. This us a great way of staying responsive even if you’re not in front of your laptop or smartphone.

Use the Ads

If you have a Facebook page, you can purchase ads to grow it more quickly. A quickly growing page is much better for business, and a Facebook ad can be a great investment. Using a Facebook ad to promote the fact that you want people to email you can provide a boost in traffic and in messages. With the new ‘send to Messenger’ function on the Facebook ad, you can even have people message you directly from the ad, saving everyone time in the long-run as you can respond immediately.

A Daily Habit

If you want people to contact you through email, then you need to reply to them, and to do that in a timely manner, you need to commit to reading your emails every day. Check in and answer as many enquiries as you can – most of them will be easy to deal with, but a few will require more time to be spent on them. Put aside enough time to keep your customers happy, but don’t start to spend all day on your emails, or the rest of your business could suffer.