What Not To Include In Your Email Signature

An important part of any business, whether they are large or small companies, is the image that they portray to the public. If a business is to succeed it is important that the correct image is depicted, and as well as being professional, they also stand out from the crowd. One area of business that many companies overlook is the email signatures that they use, and often if anything people tend to crowd their signatures needlessly. So here is some advice on how to create a professional email signature that will also get you noticed.

Image source: Pixabay

Too Much Information

One of the biggest mistakes that many companies make when creating email signatures is stuffing them with far too much information. If there are multiple ways of contacting you, there is no reason that you need to list all of them in your email signature. Take a look at some of the many email signature generator programs that are available, and you will get a good idea of the amount of information that is required. Take it for granted that as they have received your email, so they have your email address, have your name, telephone number, website, and if you wish a privacy policy statement.

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Make It Accessible To Small Screens

Many people read their emails on the go in this modern age that we live, so it is important that you ensure that your email signature can render correctly on all devices, including smaller screens. Many people use smartphones for work, so you want them to be able to read your signature with ease on their chosen device, and also make it easy for them to contact you back if they so wish.

Be Wary Of Images

You can find that many devices and email providers have default security settings which block images from rendering correctly. As such, never make your email signature an image and be wary of pictures, especially the size of them, when you have these in your email signatures. If you wish to add social media icons such as LinkedIn, then these can be added to email programs such as Outlook and can help to create a polished and professional finish to your email signature. Just make sure that you keep it professional and avoid adding any other social media links to your signature.

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Stand Out From The Crowd

Although you want to portray a professional image, it is also acceptable to make yourself stand out from the crowd when compared to your competitors. You can do this with ease by having a sign-off or slogan, which may also be your corporate strap line. Let your email signature reflect some of your personality, and let that cheekiness or sassiness come through a little. At the end of the day people buy people, and not products or services, so make sure when you correspond with potential customers that you embrace your quirkiness and people will remember your name. So if you do not want your email to be relegated to the bin, create a professional email signature and help to get your business noticed.