Where You Can Get Best Salvia

Salvia is an herb that belongs to the mint family of plants and is one of the largest genus of plants in the family. Salvinorin A is an active ingredient in the plant and when consumed it causes hallucinations by triggering a chemical reaction in the brain. Salvia can be considered as a drug however researchers are still conducting studies to confirm if they are addictive in nature or not.

Where to Buy

It is illegal to possess and/or store Salvia in certain states like Ohio, Florida, etc. while some states allow its use in a controlled manner. So, how to get salvia?

There are several ways to get salvia in states where the consumption is allowed legally. You can locate a licensed dealer in your area and make sure that you verify the license before purchase as there a lot of grey market sellers duping buyers by selling the wrong stuff.

You can also key in the term how to get salvia online in Google and locate an online seller shipping to your destination.

Usage Precautions

There are no known side effects by consuming salvia however it is imperative that you take the following precautions while you take salvia:

Do not Overdose: Salvia releases chemicals in your brain that create an effect of hallucinations. This means that you brain loses the ability to judge and differentiate between right and wrong. An overdose can make you edgy and you might end up hurting yourself or others nearby. Take little doses spread apart rather than one single big dose.

Sitter: Have a sitter with you who is not in an inebriated condition. He/she will ensure everyone’s safety including yours. Since salvia makes you imagine things, a sitter will ensure that you do not wander off and stay in one place.


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