White Label PPC, AdWords Agency Needs to Focus on the Full Funnel

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is not just about researching the relevant keywords, adding them to the campaign, and optimizing the landing page. To tap the potential of the SEM, internet marketers and White Label PPC service providers are becoming more sophisticated, employing the full funnel marketing strategy, which includes digging deeper to understand the audience and their behavior with the help of a raft of strategic avenues offered by AdWords.

White Label PPC

Internet marketing professionals, before deciding the marketing strategy, nowadays focus on answering:

  • Is the target audience aware of a given product?
  • Has the audience shown interest in your product?
  • Does audience know the distinguishing factor of your product?

These three questions are integral to the purchase funnel, with each set of audience signifying the customer journey, from awareness stage to the point where one makes a purchase. With full funnel marketing strategy, marketers are serving the target audience better. With the approach, the goals are achieved more efficiently and better returns of investments are reaped.

How the funnel marketing strategy allows a business to tailor the marketing?

  1. Targeting top funnel

For getting in contact with the top funnel customers, those who are not aware of your product or service, internet marketing agencies, including white label AdWords agency, recommended employing marketing avenues like Google Display Network, along with social media, blogging, and video campaigns. The modern marketers understand the importance of creating awareness about a product, and how does it affect the behavior of consumers down the purchase funnel.

Ways to create brand awareness in Adwords with display network

Google display network allows you to show a range of ads the audience, including pop-out catalogs, GIF’s, video and static pop-out banner ads based on the topical targeting, remarketing, demographical targeting, and keywords; the media rich formats together can be used to create the strong awareness of a product.

The Internet marketers, be the one working for white label PPC agency or directly for the client, extensively run display network only campaigns to create brand awareness and educate the audience about the product need.

  1. Targeting middle funnel

The middle of the funnel customers can be accessed by utilizing tools, such as email remarketing and display network dynamic remarketing with focus on product viewers, previous purchasers, and highly engaged customers. With the display network remarketing campaign in place, those visitors who have already purchased products, shown interest in other products, viewed products on the website can be followed effectively. The objective at this stage is to convince customers that the product is the right one for them.

Remarketing, be it email one or display network, is the avenue that is primarily employed to cater the middle funnel subjects as the cost remain low. However, other tools are also used for different products; a proficient white label Google AdWords agency can help you decide those tools to target middle funnel customers.

  1. Targeting bottom funnel

Targeting the consumers at the bottom of the purchase funnel is multi pronged, including, search and display network PPC, Shopping ads, Product listing ads, and remarketing. The primary focus, however, remains on traditional direct marketing approach: search network. The cumulative approach bears the best results to convert the clients; however, it typically is the most expensive one, as PPC with time is getting more expensive and competitive. To cut the cost and make the most of the paid search marketing, nowadays Google Shopping ads and product listing, along with remarketing have become central tools.