Why Blogger Outreach is Critically Important

As brands have begun to understand the power of social media and the power that influencers hold over their followings, many have started to leverage it. At the same time bloggers have come to also be regarded as a type of influencer, and many brands are starting to realize that blogger outreach is critically important to increase web traffic.


Although initially it may seem as though most bloggers do not have the sizable following of some social media presences, in many cases the actual reach of a blogger is far more potent. That is due to several factors:


  • Blogs work better with search engines

Although social media platforms have a sizable reach in their own right, they tend to be unable to leverage search engines due to the nature of their content. On the other hand blogs and search engines have gone hand in hand for quite some time, with content on the blog showing up in contextual search engine results too.


  • Reviews are mostly found on blogs

Most customers tend to consult reviews before making a purchase, and blogs are the platform of choice for that type of content. Some bloggers even create and publish video reviews, using their blog to promote it to their audience. Part of the reason why reviews tend to be on blogs is also due to the fact that most people searching for reviews do so using search engines – which is a key benefit of blogger outreach.


  • Traffic on blogs tends to be more targeted

Typically social media influencers tend to identify themselves within a certain genre, and provide content to their followers that is relevant to it. Blogs on the other hand are more targeted, and focus on specific niches (or even micro-niches) and build up an audience around it that brands can leverage. In a nutshell, blogger outreach allows for brands to target more precise demographics of people.


  • Content on blogs can be more varied

Technically blogs have no restrictions in terms of the content they can publish – though most will focus on specific types depending on their audience. For brands however it is simply a case of shopping around and finding blogs that already have a following that is predisposed to the type of content they intend to put out there.


It should be easy to see why blogger outreach has been gaining popularity over time. In terms of raw numbers bloggers may appear to lag behind other types of influencers, but their power lies in the focused and highly-relevant nature of their audience. Nowadays there are even blogger outreach service that specialize in not only leveraging blogs, but planning campaigns to take full advantage of their potential.