Why Should Businesses Outsource their Telemarketing Function?

Are you a business owner who, in spite of spending exuberant amount of money on devising and implementing marketing strategies is not getting the desired result? Do you feel that your sales team is not able to provide you qualified leads? Does your business is not growing at a rate that you expected it to grow? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you may want to consider leverage the benefits of telemarketing services. There is a common misconception that telemarketing and telesales is one and the same thing. It won’t be wrong to say that telemarketing is an umbrella that covers a wide range of business marketing function, including telesales. More often than not, telesales is restricted to making sales calls to random people; however, telemarketing is a part of marketing function that involves research work and implementing strategies to accomplish marketing goals of a business.

Why to Outsource Your Telemarketing Function?

Now that we know effective telemarketing can help a business grow, the question that arises is whether to outsource this function or take care of it in-house? More often than not, companies prefer to outsource their Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) telemarketing functions to a third party service provider that offer best in class telemarketing services. Though there are many reasons to outsource this function, but it is the access to professional services at competitive prices that companies prefer to outsource their telemarketing services. Setting up a call center environment to take care of your non-core services is not only a costly affair, but it also does not offer any business opportunity in longer run. In addition to that it does not even guarantee desired results. The researches and surveys making round over the internet suggest that implementing telemarketing approach has helped businesses grow. Any given day, people prefer receiving telemarketing calls. These surveys suggest that companies that rely on only telesales irate their existing and potential customers.

The main benefits of availing telemarketing services offered by a reliable outsourcing provider are:

  1. Allows business to directly connect with prospects: Today when the attention span of people has reduced drastically customers, it has become a difficult task for companies to connect with a wider audience through television commercials, newspaper advertisement, digital mailers and ads on social media. Till the time sales pitch is not personalised, no one pays heed to advertisement. The experienced professionals employed by your outsourcing partner can accomplish this task effortlessly. They connect with potential customers over call and transform their queries into qualified leads.
  2. Enables business to generate revenue:People not only find cold calls to be annoying, but they also feel that these calls cannot keep up with their demands and expectations. However, this is not the case with telemarketing calls. Professionals who make telemarketing calls are both skilled and experienced to give answers to inquisitive queries of prospects. Their skills and experience help them generate quality leads for your business that you can convert into business and generate revenues.
  3. Empowers business to expand: Availing telemarketing services offered by an industry expert enables you to target wider customer base, enter new market and expand your business to different geographical region.
  4. Helps business accomplish its sales goals: A telemarketing services provider lets a business owner in total control of telemarketing strategies and This way a business owner can tell the service provider what are his expectations and goals that he want to accomplish and authorise them to connect with prospects, generate leads on the behalf of the business. This enables a business to accomplish its pre-determined sales goal.
  5. Follow-ups with customers: There is no denial to the fact that a loyal customer can help a business acquire new customers by recommending the company to his family and friends. A happy and satisfied customer can become a source of live marketing for a business. A telemarketing services provider not only helps business connect with such customers, but allows ensures to keep in touch with them through regular follow-ups and interaction to make them feel important and valued.

If you are still wondering whether you should partner with a telemarketing company, we suggest keep your concerns aside, take the plunge, leverage the benefits offered by these companies and see your business grow.


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