Why You Should Consider Switching To Remanufactured Cartridges From Expensive Branded Inks

What are recycled and refilled ink cartridges? Are they reliable, or legal? How good is the print quality? Are they safe to use with expensive printers?

Before I fill you in on this topic, let me tell you that with over a decade and half of experience in the business, 4inkjets, a leader in remanufactured ink cartridges, has established itself as a prominent name in the remanufactured and compatible print cartridges business. With their affordable and quality alternative printer supplies backed up with an immaculate after purchase customer service, 4inkjets can help you to bring down printing costs in your home and office.

Read on to have your doubts cleared about remanufactured cartridges, a business that by latest count is now worth USD 8 billion.

What is a compatible or remanufactured ink?

Typically, printer manufacturers also make their own ink cartridges. As a consumer, you have the choice to buy inks and toners either from the original equipment manufacturers, or, instead, purchase cartridges manufactured by third party vendors. The unique selling point of these compatible (variously called remanufactured or recycled) toners is their considerably low prices compared to branded options from OEMs.

But what about the printing quality?

Several comparative studies have been carried out to test the performance of recycled ink against OEM brands. One of the most extensive independent study, carried out in 2004, found no discernible difference in quality and reliability between compatible inks and OEM brand cartridges.

Why are compatible inks so cheap?

This has a lot to do with the business model followed by large OEMs. To cut a long story short, the OEMs do not make a lot of profit by selling you the hardware, the printer. The real profit for them kicks in when they sell you their expensive cartridges. It’s a business model that is not unique to them. For example, you must have read about Amazon selling their Kindle e-reader at a loss so that they can tie the customer to their ecosystem and profit later.

What is 4inkjets?

4inkjets is a company, based out of California, in the business of making alternative printer supplies. Established in 1999, the company has witnessed phenomenal growth owing to its quality products and superior customer service.

What is the company mission for 4inkjets?

Supplying high quality, and reliable compatible inks and toners at an affordable price with an unmatched customer service that extends well after you have made the purchase. 4inkjets, in order to live up to its mission statement, is one of the very companies in the business to have set a dedicated call center to look after customer queries and concerns.

What is 4inkjets shipping policy?

4inkjets have a categorical shipping policy stating that all orders in contiguous US shall be free of cost. Orders to be delivered in Canada are priced based on weight and take longer to deliver as a result of inspections carried out by Customs. They also have an expedited shipping option where orders are delivered through UPS 2nd Day.

What are my payment options?

4inkjets offers you a wide menu of choices when it comes to paying for your purchase. Besides cash, 4inkjets accepts payments through all major credit and debit cards. In addition, you can also choose to pay through money orders and personal checks. 4inkjets also supports Paypal as a valid mode for making online payments.

How do I get discounts for 4inkjets?

Buhelo has a list of 4inkjets coupons so that you don’t pay full price on refurbished ink cartridges. In addition to compatible toners, you can also shop for discounted ink cartridges and toners at 4inkjets. They feature a complete line of cartridges, toners, refill kits and more, from leading brands, all of it available at as much as 75 per cent discount.

Friendly to the Environment

Finally, using recycled ink saves energy and helps the environment, according to this study conducted in MIT.

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