What will be Future of Tech Industry?

Just take a look at the human life expectancy in 1820—it was just 35 years, moreover, close to 90 % of the population lived in extreme poverty, and literacy was negligibly close to 20 % of the population. Currently, human life expectancy stands on 70 years, close to 80 % are literate, and the poverty rate is close to paltry of 10 %. The whole credit goes to advancement in technology, which has been doing wonders since industrial age and still prevalent in this information age.

Today, there are many new technologies that will continue to play their transformation role in the well-being of human race. These technologies are also the safest bet for every aspiring entrepreneur, who is carrying to invest in the technology sector and want to harness the whole gamut of innovations. Listing few technologies on the same line—

Self-Driving Cars

The concept of self-driving cars was inducted to narrow the chances of accidents happened because of human negligence while driving cars. Currently, self-driving cars are in operational mode and considered safer than human-driven in most of the driving conditions, and as per the studies, after a tentative period of 4 to 5 years, these cars will come into the mainstream.

Cars have always been the leading cause of the accidents on the roads. About 1.25 million people die every year because of car accidents. And on how this technology will act as a transformation; first of all, they reduce the need for space for parking, as they come with continuous operations and app-driven. And since they are machine-operated, all the cars will be in a communication loop, resulted in no accidents and no traffic jams.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

A way back, concepts like Virtual and Augmented reality were out-of-bounds as per human conscience. But today, the computer processors are fast enough to realize these dreams. Many pioneers in the technology domain, like Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft are investing their significant capital in VR and AR to make them practical and affordable for everyone. Until now, we have perceived VR and AR as the tools to make games more interactive, but in reality, their significance can be seen in many things. Sectors like—Healthcare, Construction, Engineering, Education, Scientific Visualization and much more can be hugely benefitted from these if comes in mainstream reality.

Artificial Intelligence

There is a lot of advancement can be seen in Artificial Intelligence in the last decade because of the induction of new algorithms, huge collection of data, and unimaginable computing speed. It can also be applied in almost any field, like in Photography; it can transform photographs into the style of a given painter. Precisely, the function of AI is to liberate people doing repetitive tasks, like industrial revolution did in liberating people from doing repetitive physical activities. Like Google is using an AI system that controls its datacenter power systems, which enable them to save millions of dollars. But there is a myth attached with AI that it will kill human jobs, but in reality, it will create more jobs than it kills, as it did it in past.

Computerized Medicine

There was a time when computers have only been in the periphery of medicine and used for the purpose of research and record keeping, but today, the combination of computer science and medicine has brought many breakthroughs. Today, a single software can analyze massive amounts of data of genetic sequencing and an application can analyze blood samples for the early detection of cancer. Moreover, genetic analysis can also determine the optimal treatment by analyzing a huge chunk of medical records in seconds. You can’t imagine that through the consortium of technology and medicine, we can control prosthetic limbs with our mind by using brain-to-machine interface.

High-Quality Online Education

Today, with the use of Smartphone, one can easily access any online tutorial or any educational content, which is free and more interactive as well. No one has to rush to school and or a book shop to buy a book of programming language to learn programming, one can learn online from many communities, comprised of experienced professionals and professionals. The online media gives you the leverage to use your time as per your convenience, like one access recorded or live sessions of different queries, or you can start a discussion on your community as well. Many leading businessmen have been advocating for the participation of technology in education, like Atul Gupta, a leading South-African businessman has active involvement in the foundations leading this cause.


This is pretty much entwined with every innovation, as we need security barriers to prevent the breach of highly sensitive data. Today, there is a high demand for security professionals, given to the intrusion of hacking activities across many industries, which cost of millions of rupees. So with every use of technology we have mentioned earlier, security is the utmost concern.