Windows Vs Android

Windows Phone 8 OS. Microsoft has used the last few years battling to get importance in the mobile world, which is a new circumstance for the undisputed ruler of desktop programming. Android was at that point beginning its fleeting climb as Windows Phone propelled in 2010, yet the open nature, customisability, and quick overhaul cycle have helped Google’s OS take the lion’s offer of the mobile business sector. Google and Microsoft have both revealed brand-new update of their separate mobile OS lately. In the event that you are picking another cell phone, chances would you say you are will need to pick between one focused around either of these stages, however which is the best OS? Here’s our evaluation of Android vs.

Windows Vs Android


It’s not difficult to recognize the two OS in terms of the interface, in light of the fact that Google and Microsoft have taken altogether different methodologies. While both depend on touch screen communications, Android offers an interface with different home-screens that might be completely altered with gadgets and easy routes, while Windows Phone 8 has a solitary home-screen populated with Live Tiles.

With Android you can add smaller than usual applications to furnish you with continuous upgrades on things like the climate and your most recent long range interpersonal communication messages. You have the option to position these gadgets wherever you like and you could set up one home-screen for work, one for play and one for dealing with your social life.

Tiles on Windows Phone 8 works similarly, providing for you data on applications that upgrades by means of your Wi-Fi or data without obliging that you really propel the unique projects.


Microsoft began with Windows Phone as a decently static stage with smooth outline, yet minimal in the method for customising. This has changed slightly by little as the organization includes more particular touches. This has been one of the primary centres in 8, and likely the one individual will perceive most. In Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has coordinated pictures with the tile format – the impact is really truly decent.

Windows Phone 8.1 additionally brings lock screen customising finally. Android just included genuine lock screen customisation in late 2012 with form 4.2, however in genuine Android design, it’s an exceptionally open methodology focused around gadgets. Outsider designers have made this characteristic worth utilizing on Android by creating extremely cool, data thick bolt screen content. Microsoft is enhancing here, yet it’s not going insane. The new OS will include an extent of implicit lock screen topics that offer different bits of data and formats.

Microsoft has made it less demanding to feel at home with the interface on Windows Phone 8. It just takes a couple of taps to get a truly appealing, altered look. Android offers a huge amount of customisation alternatives, yet it’s not as easy to concoct something that looks unbelievable.


The amount of applications accessible for Android is ever increasing, which implies that there is countless downloadable stuff that can upgrade your cell phone experience.

Windows Phone is a less develop working framework, despite the fact that it excessively has in excess of 160,000 applications on offer right now. What Microsoft’s stage needs in outsider application engineer help; it more than makes up for in programming administrations that are keenly incorporated into the OS.