World’s Best Live Video Streaming Android App With AR And 3D Gifts Bonk Be Live Review

The ever advancing technology has made a number of things possible. Today, we can connect with our dear ones who are sitting miles away from us within seconds either through a phone call by different means available online. You can choose to connect over social media, instant messaging apps, and even through video calls. The things have become easier. But still, we have to see much more advancements that will shape up the mankind with time.

After a revolutionary effort of Boink Live Streaming Corporation, Bonk Be Live app was developed. The all new application will provide people a new means to connect to a massive audience globally and at the same time will encourage them to earn money. Let us explore the app in details.

Bonk Be Live – A Brief

Bonk Be Live is the revolution in the live streaming app industry. The app allows its users to broadcast themselves online and connect with the worldwide audience. Once they have attained a level, they are permitted to make money by reading the advertisements during their streams. Bonk Be Live is surely one of the finest applications that have emerged on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore in the past year. It is completely a user based application as its users generate the content for the app. It has nothing to do with the third-party.

Bonk Be Live – Installation

Download the Bonk Be Live app from the app store and install it on your device. Its android app is just 57MB in size. For signing up with the app, you can make use of your social media accounts. After completing the sign up process, it is recommended to customize your profile so that you can enhance your reach.

Once you sign in to the app, you will find four different tabs inside the app – ‘Follow’, ‘Live’, ‘New’, and ‘Nearby’. The ‘Follow’ tab will suggest you the broadcasters you can follow, the ‘New’ tab lists the new broadcasters, the ‘Nearby’ tab will list live broadcasters near your current location, and the ‘Live’ tab will list the broadcasters who are live on Bonk Be Live.

Going Live with Bonk Be Live

You can start your broadcasting career with Bonk Be Live. All you have to do is sign up with this app and you are done. Now, you are free to broadcast online. Entertain your audience and get more followers. To go live with Bonk Be Live, follow the steps mentioned alongside.

  • Press the big blue button on the center of the screen.
  • Add an attractive title to your broadcast so that you can gain more views.
  • Also enter your country name so that the viewers can understand you better.
  • Select the category under which you will be broadcasting.
  • Once you are done, press ‘Go live’ button. The broadcast will start within 3 seconds. You are now ready to rock.


Earlier, we talked about making money with the app. Once you have achieved the Bonkified level, you become eligible for reading the advertisements during the stream. Your stream can be monetized. You can get 2-3 advertisements for your session and for reading every advertisement you can earn up to 1 diamond. Each diamond is valued to US $50.

Another opportunity to earn money through the advertisements is through the carousel that runs for 10 minutes on your stream flashing the logos of the advertisers. You can make 50 cents for each click on the logo.

Apart from this, you can even make money when the viewers send you the virtual gifts. These virtual gifts can be converted to real money. The best thing is that, the money earned through this app can be sent to your PayPal account or you can withdraw it using Bonk Be Live Credit/Debit card.

The Bottom Line

Bonk Be Live is one of one of the emerging social broadcasting app that has gained popularity all across the globe. It has been equipped with virtual reality and augmented reality features. You can download this app on your Android or iOS device start making money with your streams. Get Bonk Be Live app now!