Phone Hacks You Can Try for Fun and Convenience

The cellular device, most commonly known as either a “cellphone” or a ‘smartphone’, has gone though a number of changes. From the standard call-only operation, to the introduction of texting, and especially the introduction of software applications or ‘apps’, the mobile phone industry has introduced a convenient approach to communication. Some innovations are more impressive like others such as Huawei’s dual front cam feature and Kyocera Elite’s waterproof capability.

While today’s smartphones feature a slew of new and updated attributes, there’s always the notion of making its use a lot easier than usual, hence the introduction of a certain something called, ‘hacks’. The concept of hacks has been around since the internet began to thrive with numerous ideas; and with regards to your own mobile phone, these hacks are guaranteed to give you easy access to numerous things.

If you’re the type to look for useful hacks for a multitude of things, then what you’re about to read is the right piece you’re looking for. Without further ado, here are some of the useful phone hacks you can try for fun and convenience:

Airplane Mode While Charging

Charging your phone can understandably take a lot of patience, especially when there’s an important text message or phone call you’re waiting for. The key to charging a phone to full is to leave it as is and avoid using it as it charges; so, to speed up the process, why not put your phone in a setting known as ‘airplane mode’?

Airplane mode is a setting that allows you to use your phone, albeit without the use of WiFi, cellular data, calling and texting, and many more. True to its namesake, this setting was made for those who wish to keep their phones on despite the pilot and flight attendants telling them to turn it off. It shuts down every source of signal in your phone while keeping it on, thus in effect turning off every other app in your phone that can impede your charging time.

Easier Selfies With The Volume Buttons

Taking selfies is something we all love to do; but there’s always the difficulty of keeping a good angle while reaching for the shutter button with your thumb or any other finger. Luckily, your phone’s volume buttons can serve as a substitute for the shutter button should the latter prove hard to reach in times of a much-needed selfie.

Go ahead and try this hack for yourself. In fact, if you’re aiming for a selfie from a distance, plug in your earphones and press on the volume buttons to make it seem as if someone else took that picture of you.

Waterproof your Phone

While there are many phones that come equipped with this attribute, the phones we own may not be built waterproof. Luckily, you can make them so yourself.

If you’re the type to bring your phone with you when you go to the bathroom to watch your favorite videos, yet sadly leave it outside when you go to shower, then this hack is definitely for you. While there aren’t many hacks that can cater to this aspect, there is one that guarantees your phone’s safety in the shower; and that one hack is putting your phone in a ziplocked sandwich bag.

For this to work, place your phone in a ziplocked bag, hang it by the shower (while making sure that it’s below the nozzle), and simple tap on the video/movie you wish to watch while you shower. You can even use this hack to scroll through your Spotify playlist as you rinse shampoo from your scalp.

Use Screenshots to Save Battery

Screenshots are something people use to save photos taken from important class discussions, meetings, and hilarious internet memes waiting to be uploaded later; however, if you’re the type to travel and rely on GPS for directions, then expect your battery to deplete very quickly.

For this, make sure to take screenshots of travel directions and turn off your cellular data. That way, you’ll be able to save a huge sum of battery life for your phone.

Also, you can use this hack to retain easy access to important information. If you’re the type to rely on internet research, take screenshots of your different pages so you can still view them even with the internet gone. Truly, a great way to keep a steady stream of information.

Key Takeaway

These hacks will certainly make your phone easier to use. Not only are they easy to do, but pretty much everyone and anyone can do it.