Six Benefits of Selfie Video Resume Over Traditional Resume

Everyone in today’s world dreams of building and establishing a perfect career path. The dream may look beautiful but doesn’t sound as easy as it seems to be. Every candidate has to go through a tough process to reach their career destination. The process of job hunt starts from developing a perfect resume. Gone are the days when traditional paper resume played a role in the job search. Technological advancement has transformed the face of the staffing and recruitment process drastically. The world of recruitment has gone digital and has come up withSelfie video resume”. It has proven to be the best way to showcase all the talent and abilities of a candidate which is beyond the capacity of traditional paper resume.

Selfie video resume

Here are a few benefits of selfie video resume over traditional paper resume:

  • A selfie video resume enables the interviewer to actually see and hear the candidate’s capabilities and presentation skills. Ultimately, you have the edge over other candidates who cannot create the same impression via traditional paper resume.
  • Selfie video resume has increased popularity because of the modern advancement in technology of transmitting streaming video via the internet. It is now being widely accepted by many companies across the world for varying professions.
  • It has also been proven that sorting candidates through selfie video resumes is ten times more efficient than screening based on paper resume. There is extra information available because of a complete auditory and visual response in a selfie video resume. A paper resume just flies off with a question mark and a bit of doubt in the interviewer’s mind.
  • There is no doubt that interviewer prefers selfie video resume over paper resume because it is a quick means which speeds up the screening method and the interviewer can gauge the professional abilities like presentation skills, self-projection and body language.
  • Through a selfie video resume, you can easily showcase yourself and your skills which traditional paper resume fails to portray. This makes the process of selection easy because the interviewers requires to observe their practical experience before choosing a candidate. This is only possible with a video resume and not with a paper resume. It is quite easy to check the candidate’s communication skills through a selfie video resume which is not possible with the traditional paper resume.
  • A selfie video resume reflects that you are a technologically savvy person, who has a knack for current trends. The interviewer gives preferences to candidates who have a taste in technology and are aware of the current best practices being followed. This cannot be portrayed via a traditional paper resume.

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