11 Must Have WordPress Plugins and Tools for Business Sites

The number of plugins and apps that exist for WordPress are both a benefit and a burden. It’s great to have that much choice, but it can sometimes become utterly overwhelming. In psychology, this is known as the tyranny of choice. And that’s most certainly what you’re seeing when you’re looking at WordPress plugins. There are over 50 thousand of the darned things!

For that reason, you need to get a list, so that you know which ones are good and which ones aren’t. In that way, you can be sure that you’re in a position to get the most out of the apps that are available. Now, who could give you something like that?



Online it can be very hard to give people that personal touch. For that not only do you need to make sure that you respond to the people who try to connect with you, you have to give them the ability to connect as well.

For the latter, there’s WPForms. This app is all about letting you build up forms with which people can reach out to you. It doesn’t matter if they’re signing up for your newsletter, commenting on one of your posts or giving you information in any other way, it can all be done with this great app.


Not having your page load fast enough can be the death knell for a website. For that reason, you want to install some plugins and apps that speed that up in whatever way you can. If you happen to have a lot of images, then you’ve got to make sure that you grab MaxCDN, as it compresses images and similar bits of data on your website and thereby makes their transferal much faster.


If you like those sliders, where people see one bit of information at a time, then you’ve got a great choice in Soliloquy. With this one, you’ll be able to present a lot of information to your users in bite-sized chunks that look appetizing to boot.

As an added bonus, it’s fantastically easy to use.

W3 Total Cache

Normally when you have a website your server compresses everything for every user and then sends it their way. This is fine if you don’t have that many users coming to your website. If, however, you’re getting a lot of traffic that can slow your site down immensely.

For those situations, you want W3 Total Cache. It will cache everything centrally and then send it off to all comers, thereby speeding up your website significantly.

Envira Gallery

Yes, basic WordPress does have built-in galleries, but let’s be honest about it, they’re not very pretty. They don’t give you different sized images that fit together like a jigsaw. Instead, they’re more like the paneled kind and that is sooooo 2016.

If you want nicer galleries, then you should make sure you get Envira Gallery. Then you can display whatever you want, be it your products, your employees or those pictures from that night in Vegas that you swore to everybody would never see the light of day.


Pushing content through social media is incredibly time-consuming, particularly if you have to do them all by hand. For that reason, consider installing something like Buffer. This piece of software will immediately allow you to share your content across the different social media platforms without ever leaving your WordPress site.

Yes, different ones. That does mean you will no longer screw up by using the commands that on one site allowed you to edit and on the other side published whatever you were working on. Next, you just need an effective strategy to get them to actually come to your site and you’re set!


If you want people to sign in to your newsletter, then you should go for something like OptinMonster. This will help you convert far more of your visitors into people that sign up. From there you’ll be in a position to hit them with your content and your promotions. Not bad, right?


Of course, you want to use keywords and rate well for them. The thing is, how do you do that? What are the tricks you need to pull on your pages to make sure that Google pays attention and puts them high up on their pages?

One word: Yoast. No, it won’t tell you what keywords to use, that’s something that you’ll have to figure out on your own. What it will do, however, is that when you’ve got the right keyword, you can make sure that your page actually rates for them.

As an added bonus, a more recent update means that they now also tell you when a post is clearly written or not, using several analyses. So yes, that’s two birds, one app.


Things go wrong on the internet. That’s just how it is. Sometimes pages go down. Sometimes hackers get in. Sometimes your dog pees on your server (I hate it when he does that).

In any of those cases, it’s essential that you’ve got a backup that you can call on to restore your page to its former glory. A great choice for that is BackupBuddy.

Constant Contact

Got a newsletter list but you don’t really know what to do with it? Then why not get Constant Contact? This is a great app that will make it far easier to stay in touch with your fans, tell them about all the great promotions you’ve got going on and say whatever else needs to be said (like what Susan got up to in Vegas).

It’s very easy to use and quick to boot so that you’re not wasting hours and get on with the important part of your job – which I assume is counting your money.


IF you’re worried about the security of your website, then it’s time to get Sucuri. This will make it far harder for the hackers to get in as well as protect it from such nasty sounding things as Ddos attacks, malware threats and more.

As an extra piece of advice, make sure that whatever of these apps you did install but don’t end up using gets de-installed. Often, this is how hackers get in, as we forget to update those parts of the website, even though we should.

Last words

So there you go, some of the absolute best apps that are out there. That doesn’t mean I didn’t miss some, but you’re going to be in a pretty strong position if you only install these, as these will make sure your website is pretty, easy to find, interactive, converts customers, loads up quickly and is secure from hackers.

That sounds like a pretty good place to start, right? So yeah, go for it, give those that sound the most appealing a try. And if that’s not enough, you can always go look through the entire app library after that, right?