3 Foods That Disrupt Your Weight Loss Progress

It is getting more and more mainstream scientific medical knowledge that not all foods are created equal and that some types of food can jeopardize your diet and even affect your metabolism in a negative way.

If you do not properly plan ahead regarding the foods you should eat or stay away from, your metabolism could suffer. Among other things this means your body will not not burn as much calories as needed, leading you on the path of weight loss gains.

It is truly important to stay away from certain foods if you want to continue losing weight or maintain a healthy weight and keep your metabolism strong. Sure, people say that everything is alright in moderation. But this does not apply to those who have a slower metabolic rate.

There are so many foods you should avoid, but here are some of the foods that can affect your metabolic rate and disrupt your weight loss progress the most.

Commercialized Fruit Juices

Unless a nutritionist approves it to be a part of your nutrition program, you should avoid any commercial fruit juice, even though they could be marketed as excellent for your health. These beverages contain preservatives, sugars and artificial food coloring that can pose harm to your health.

The idea of juicing from the food industry is to separate the juice from the pulp so that your gut can easily absorb the vitamins and minerals from the fruit. However, such a process actually strips down the pulp, which serves more than just bulk up your drink.

Fiber is important to your health because it helps stabilize your blood sugar levels. Drinking fruit juices without its fiber content will immediately get into your bloodstream and certainly spike up your blood glucose levels.

When you allow your blood sugar to hike up, your pancreas releases insulin. When it does, it forces your body to cling onto the stored fat that you have been meaning to burn at the gym.

Even if you juice your own fruits yourself, they still contain sugar. Fruit juices are essentially vitamins floating in sugar water. As a healthier option, prepare smoothies instead.

Blending the whole fruit allows you to take in the pulp or fiber which can then stabilize the sugar content found in fruits. Adding vegetable in your smoothie will add even more fibers and reduce the sugar content of this refreshing drink.

Foods Containing Artificial Sweetener

It seems that many food companies nowadays rely on artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose. You can find these ingredients in many sugar-free treats and diet or light sodas. Though they make your foods and drinks delicious and guilt-free, they are bad for your health.

Studies have shown that people who include artificial sweeteners in their diet tend to eat more overall. As a matter of fact diet sodas have been linked to the high rate of obesity and other metabolic problems witnessed today in the USA and the world over. Recent studies have also linked aspartame to cancer.

A healthy alternative for artificial sweeteners or table sugar is natural sweeteners such as raw honey or Stevia. You can easily find them at your local grocery stores.


Pasta is made from flour and white flour is one of the unhealthiest sources of carbohydrates around. Regular pasta causes blood sugar spikes, does nothing for your metabolism nutrition-wise, and leaves your body feeling lethargic after such a heavy meal – making you less likely to workout later in the day.

If you love eating pasta but your weight loss program is preventing you from consuming them, a healthier alternative is whole wheat pasta. They contain a similar calorie content but the wheat content can help stabilize your blood sugar.

If you are truly serious about losing weight as fast and as efficiently as possible, swapping your spaghetti for vegetable-turned-pasta would be the healthiest choice. You can prepare cucumbers, zucchini and use a spiralizer to get that pasta-like dish.

Our metabolism does not only run by our genetic makeup. The rules we apply to our health also affect how our bodies burn fat efficiently. To help you lose weight effectively, avoid the 3 foods listed above.

By just removing these 3 items from your diet, you will have already made a leap forward in improving your health and weight management. Saying no to these temptations hurts less than gaining back all the pounds you have lost and worked so hard for.