AdSterra Network – How Does it Benefit You

Blogging is the best way to earn money.  However, getting registered on popular advertising networks like Google AdSense may not be an easy task. Likewise, it is equally hard for the advertisers to get themselves listed on the well-known ad networks. That is exactly where trusted and best ad network comes to your rescue. Yes, we are talking about Adsterra Ad Network. Want to know more about it? Read on.

Adsterra Network – What it is?

Adsterra is a popular ad network that offers premium advertising services. The service is based Scotland and offers over 10 billion ad impressions each month.

The service was launched in 2013. It has grown substantially over the last four years and is now catering to over 190 countries. Whether you are a blogger who wants to earn some decent money by placing ads on your site or an advertiser who is looking for an affordable means of advertising your brand or product – Adsterra Network should suit both of them.


This concise article may not be a good option to explain all the features that Adsterra Network offers you. However, we have attempted at listing a few salient features.

  • Better CPM and Faster Income – It offers you multiple options for monetizing the traffic you get. You can use Adsterra Network with your Blogs, Websites or even Facebook pages. Just place your ad code inside your website, Facebook page or blog – and get paid when each of your visitors clicks on the ad. The network assures you the industry best CPM.
  • Ad Formats – You have a choice of multiple ad formats. Popunders, banners, skyscrapers or even links – you name it and the site has it. Setting it up is quite easy. It also uses the retargeting technique to convert almost all your visitors into a useful click.
  • Best for Advertisers – As we said before, Adsterra is best for advertisers as well. It has over 4000 publishers and you will get an instant access to them when you register. The network offers you, several models, viz CPM, CPA, CPL, CPO, and CPI (PPI). You need to place bids for publishing ads on the platform, and the bid goes to highest bidder. Adsterra offers a SSP (Self Service Platform) program for advertisers. What makes it a great tool is the fact that it is simple, faster and transparent.

Are there any Pros And Cons you Need to Think of?

Well, as with any service or tool, Adsterra Network too comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let us go through a few of them.


  • If you are looking for an alternative to Google AdSense, this is your best bet.
  • You get customized ads for both mobile and PC.
  • It can be used to monetize your Facebook pages as well.
  • You get multiple payment options like Bitcoin, Paypal, Payza, Wire transfer, Webmoney, Paxum, Skrill and ePayments.
  • If your site gets huge traffic, Adsterra is the best option to monetize your site.
  • It provides best in class benefits both for advertisers and publishers.


  • It may not work as effectively with low traffic, thus may not be suitable for those who are just starting up.
  • Minimum payout amount is $100. It can be a concern if you want to redeem your payment before reaching the threshold.
  • It can only work with blogs that have a custom domain.

In Conclusion

AdStera Network is indeed a fastest growing advertising network with over 10 billion impressions. If your site has a high volume US and European traffic, this can be a perfect alternative to Google AdSense.

Interested publishers can signup from here : Become Adsterra Publisher

Interested Advertisers can signup from here : Become Adsterra Advertiser

It is the easiest means of making money for the publishers, while offers high returns for the advertisers. Do use it and share your views with us.