AWS is to introduce a productivity suite to take on Microsoft and Google

Amazon Web Services is enjoying the individual dominance in the cloud service market. It now believes it is just not enough to dominate only in the cloud. Hence, AWS is looking forward to branch further into the enterprise space in an area where Microsoft and Google dominate. Though AWS clearly leads in the cloud, productivity services carry a different story. Companies that currently do work with AWS believe that Amazon products are less advanced when compared to the Google or Microsoft’s products. In the current scenario, Amazon’s enterprise productivity services are noticeably less progressed and less popular than those sold by Google and Microsoft, but it seems like the company is extending its plans to change the foresaid word.

An AWS productivity suite is looking forward to move Amazon up the stack into a software category. AWS has now taken it as a challenge in enhancing its current tools to keep up with the tiff. Getting well skilled with the AWS Training would ensure what all AWS has in its offerings and the specific purpose served by these tools.


AWS Productivity Solution

Amazon keeps its plans secret.

The source disclosed that, though existing tools of AWS does a decent job, most of its applications are less known when compared to products of Microsoft and Google, therefore none of them was really sold well enough to ensure true success. Even though the two established companies like Microsoft and Google are treading on its territory, Amazon is not backing down and has, instead, planning to launch the productivity services offered by both the rivals. Amazon Web Services is on its way of creating their own enterprise productivity suite to be on a par with equivalent Microsoft and Google tools. It is designing office productivity software to make a way into the SaaS market against its rivals. This offering would pit AWS against its two main IaaS rivals. Amazon’s efforts are still in its early stages and are considering to upgrade WorkMail, a cloud-based email app; launched recently in November, that adds the ability to save all emails sent and received by an enterprise in the finance and healthcare industry so as to cope up with the compliance regulations. and WorkDocs file storage product. Similar to the products offered by Microsoft and Google, AWS’s suite would merge on apps like email, storage of files and video conferencing. The overall design of the product is still in its initial stages of advancement. The suite might include the updates to WorkMail and WorkDocs, along with Chime, the newly launched video conferencing app that deals with the functionalities of video conferencing, chat, and screen sharing. Addition of all the above apps made Amazon’s services more appealing with similar suites that possess Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams. There has been no talk yet made on the actual price of the AWS productivity suite, but the company would most likely going to price it effectively.

Final Words…

While AWS hasn’t confirmed its plans officially, the Information’s report is well-sourced enough to provide confidence they’re real. Everyone is excited with the fact that when AWS launches this full productivity suite. AWS might look at such an offering as more of a way to expand relationships with customers and drive more business toward its core infrastructure software offerings. This whole new productivity suite owned by AWS will provide a new avenue to the enterprise strategy. Though the company is enjoying a huge success with its cloud offerings, adding advanced productivity tools to the kitty will provide Amazon whole new options to rise in the market. AWS training helps IT people and non-IT people to shift their careers into Cloud Computing.