Balancing Price and Quality When it Comes to Your Tech

We all wish we had the latest Samsung, a bigger TV, a faster laptop. The thing is, most of us can’t afford the best or latest of everything, and if we do manage to save up for it, there’s still going to be a new upgrade a couple months down the line. When it comes to your tech, here are a few ways to balance price and quality and get the products that suit your needs, even if they’re not top of the range.

The Lowest Price isn’t Always the Cheapest Option

That may seem like a contradiction, but it does make sense if you look at it right. No matter what you’re buying, simply looking at the shelf price won’t tell you everything you need to know. If you’re looking at two devices, the same at first glance, and seemingly with the same specs, but one is drastically cheaper, it will likely be your natural choice.

Before you buy, do a little research on the make and model and check what sort of warranty it comes with. A low price could mean a device with no warranty that you’ll need to replace less than a year from now. Sometimes opting for the slightly more expensive option could save you money in the long run.

What Specs do you Actually Need?

This is where buying online trumps buying in-store – sales assistants will always try to convince you to buy the better model, with the higher price tag, even when you don’t actually need all the specs it offers. Use online comparison websites to compare specs and prices. Take your phone – if all you really use it for is calls and texting, you don’t need a high-quality camera or loads of extra storage space. Opt for a model that has all the basics without you paying for extras you don’t need.

Bargain Shop

This is the ultimate balance. Look for end of range specials on what you’re looking for – a lot of shops mark things down to get rid of old stock and make room for new. Some stores will also sell items with damaged packaging at crazy low prices simply because they can’t put them on the shelf.

With phones, and other devices, if you’re looking for a cheaper model with similar specs to a high-end model, there are plenty out there. They may not have all the features – perhaps a slower processor or slightly less storage space – or you may have to wait a while after ordering, but there are some great options for cheap android phones out there.

With some products, you pay for the name more than the actual product. Buy a different brand with all the same specs to save a bit of money. Drop the price by not paying for features you don’t actually need so you can spend the money on something you do. Find a decent bargain where you can, and make sure you actually get what you pay for.